I fell down onto my knees, Black tears falling down my face.
"Why had everything gone wrong?, Why did he cheat on me?, After we where together for almost 5 years, What had just happened,? Did I see what I saw right?...."
So many question's, only one answered. What had just happened was, I walked into my boyfriends apartment, because it was out 5th anniversary being together. He had told me earlier to come to his place at around 8pm because he had something planned.
When I walked in he was on the couch kissing a girl, and what made it worse is that the girl happened to be my best friend since kindergarten.
My eyes filled up with tears as I stood there, they hadn't noticed me at all yet.
Tears falling down my face now, still standing there I yelled "Matt!!! How.... How Could you?!?!... And Amy! You're suppose to be my best friend!!" Waterfalls of tears streaming down my face making my eyeliner and mascara bleed and turn my tears black.
I threw the note book I was holding on the floor and ran out the door as fast as I could,
The last thing I herd Matt sat as I ran was "Baby!! Demi!!! Demetria!!!!."
I froze when he said my real name, Then I fell to my knees, Black tears still falling down my face. He walked closer to where I had fallen.
"Demetria, My angel.. It's just a big misunderstanding... I was helping her rehearse for her play.."
I turned my head to look up at him, "I..I don't wanna hear any more.... excuses..Matt! You where kissing her! You could have said no!...." I started crying harder so I could barely talk.. He just looked at me sadly "Babe, I can explain!!" I tried getting up, and failed. "Matt... you can't explain!! You just... can't!, I thought you loved me!" crying much harder now I used all my strength to et up and run to the stairs.
Just before the door closed he yelled "I DO LOVE YOU!..More then ANYTHING!" that just caused me to cry more.
I ran down the stairs and just as I got to the bottom he started jumping the stairs 10 at a time "Demetria!! I do love you!! Just let me explain!" weeping I looked up at him still jumping the stairs 10 at a time. "Matt... not now.... let me... let me sort things out and go threw what just happened... just for now.. We're.. Over." I started crying again, the I opened the front door and ran out to my car, it was a convertible so I just hopped in, wiping my tears.
Then he burst threw the front doors "I won't give up on you Demetria!! I just won't!!" then he got quiet, tears started falling down my face again, "Goodbye...My love." I whispered, he herd me so he said back "Goodbye.. For now.. My Juliet."
I revved up my car , blew him a kiss and zoomed off.
So many things where going threw my mind, so I decided to go to the little park off the side of town, I could always sort things out and think better there, And swinging on those swings.. Always made me feel better.
It was probably 9 or 10pm, so the park was empty. I parked my car and got out and slowly walked to the swings. I swag slowly with my eyes closed for a little while, Then someone grabbed the swing changes and pulled me to a stop, I opened my eyes but didn't turn my head around to see who it was, he put his arms around my waist and spoke into my ear.
"Demi, I'm sorry about the whole Matt thing. But my dear you should have let him explain..."
I closed my eyes again. I'd know that voice anywhere, it was Mark, Matts older brother.
"Why?" I whispered.
"Because my dear, what he said was the truth."
I turned my head to look at him.
"You mean he really was just helping her rehearse?" I asked.
He smiled "Yes, I was there, she came unexpected and begged for him to help her, and he being such a nice guy he couldn't say no..so he helped her rehearse as fast as he could, because you where coming, then they got to the kissing scene, he told her he wouldn't do it, that's where he stopped, because of you, so he just read the ling 'and he passionately kisses her', but she wasn't happy with that so she begged him again to do it just this once. And after a while he gave in but he told her just a short quick kiss. So he kissed her gently and stopped, then she pulled him back and passionately kissed him he tried to pull away but she had him held tight and wouldn't let go.
And that's where you come in.. You know, he ran after you to get you back and explain, and when he came back he was falling into pieces, saying over and over 'I lost her..I lost her..'
He kicked Amy out angry at her. Then he fell onto the couch and started mumbling, so I decided to follow you here."
I couldn't talk, all I did was nod my head. Tears falling down my face once again, he put his arms around me, so I was not standing facing him. He wiped my tears and told me.
"Go get'em tiger." I smiled, and hugged him tightly, and stood up on my toes to kiss his cheek.
"Thanks Mark!!, you're the best." I yelled as I ran to my car.
"Anything for my future little sister." he smiled.
I hopped into my car and took all the back roads to get there faster.

I ran up his apartment stairs as fast as I could and ran into his living room
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so so SO sorry Baby!"
I said as I ran towards him, he stood up and turned around with tears in his eyes, I ran into his arms and he held me tightly. "Forgive me?," I asked him.
"Of course, My love.. But do you forgive me?" he replied, still holding me tightly
I smiled "Of course I do!" he kissed my forehead and said.
"I just shoulda' refused her.."
I shook my head not wanting to talk.
Then all of a sudden he got down on one knee and held a ring up to me, my eyes filled with happy tears as I looked down at him.
"Demetria Marie Kristen, will you marry me?" he asked smiling.
I lit up, and smiled so big my cheeks hurt.
I put my hand on his cheek, "Yes, Yes a million times YES!" he smiled widely, and put the beautiful ring on my wedding finger, then he picked me up, like the guy did in the 'notebook'
and passionately kissed me. "I love you, Demetria."
"And I love you too, Matt!" he set me down, and gently kissed me once more.

"Ahhhh.... Young love, So Beautiful."
Mark chuckled, leaning on the door way, looking at us smiling..

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