-1Like an Anime Character
She stands before me all
arms and legs, nearly a
thousand miles long, and
I can't help but think that
she looks like nothing
human, but more like an
anime character. Tiny lips
curl at the spherical
angle of her thin nose, and
her eyes jut out wide as ripe
apples on the branch. I listen
to her explain how she broke
her arm in some freak accident,
and how she forgot all
freckles of responsibility, yet
it's summer, and so naturally
I imagine that she merely spent
the last week in the arms of
a boy who in his own right
wrote his own history across
her bones with his tongue - or
something like that.
And her
voice is scratchy like the newly
fallen leafs under my uggs
when I walk from the door
to my car in the milky twilight
that resembles nothing except
for a Maxfield Parrish painting,
but when I mention this, she just
turns her eyebrows into corkscrews.
And it's no secret that it was her
hand drowning beside the telephone
receivers cord; or that she deliberately
dropped it across it's hook, with my
hesitation waiting on the other end.
It's no secret that she's lying. And
it's no secret that I don't give a shit.