"Why, my lord? Have I not done a good job?"

"You've done a great job. What you have done for this world, all will remember. But we must leave nature be, let the humans fend for themselves. Now, it's time for us to step back. Can you promise me?"

I guess I have no choice.

"Yes," I sighed.

"I will let you keep your powers, but if you break the promise, you shall return to where you should belong. Farewell my friend."

I shuddered at that threat but still, I thought this was a mistake. I have been doing this job for centuries. I'm doing a good job, am I not? I have not harmed anyone, let alone injured.

As always, the familiar tingling sensation came and by reflex, I looked for the source. It was a scar. I have come a across many scars before. The victim's look crept to my mind and I whirled around just to see her walking here. I was thinking how to distract her when my lord's voice whispered to me, "Remember the promise." I sighed and dragged myself from the pavement and placed my butt on a bench nearby.

As the scene unfolded before me, I was curious as to what would have happened if I had not interfered with the many cases in the past. I still remembered the one whereby the scene was about to happen in the bathroom. I had to fake diarrhoea so as to stop the victim from going into the cubicle. And the irony was that I never need to go to the toilet. Chuckling at that memory, I turned my attention back to the petite girl. Her auburn hair being whipped to her eyes by the violent wind, eyes finally settled on the scar.

She stood there for a while, confusion burning in her green eyes. As realisation dawned on her, she gasped. I expected her to go crazy as I was told. But surprisingly, she took it quite well and managed to turn around and stumble away. I wonder what her past life was. I hope it was fascinating. At least she didn't get knocked by the car.

With that, I made my way home.