something tells me,

that if i can't have you,

than i can't get anyone,

i feel pathetic,


you're the one that knows me the best,

and i bet you think i'm repulsive,

you'll never love me,

you'll never love me,


i can't live with that,

i just can't live with that,

no one looks at me like you do,

but it's just my imagination,


everything in my body tells me,

that i love you,

but my mind is telling me,

to let you go,


you're better than the rest,

you make my heart react,

why do i always want,

what i can't have?


i just want to scream it,

i can't take it anymore,

could you just touch me,

like you did that one night?


i want to know you in that way,

could you ever see me as yours?

as beautiful?

i want to be something to you,


maybe you could be the one that could fix me?

that i could cry with?

would you be there to hold me,

when the nights get lonely?


i can't even look you in the eyes,

i'm afraid you'll see my devotion,

i just want you to pull me closer,

and share your love with me,


but i know you'll never love me,

you'll never love me.