She sees you up ahead,

walking right toward her,

but she turns around.

You search everywhere, but

she's hiding herself.

She's hiding from you.

Her tears go unnoticed,

trickling down her face,

streaming endlessly.

And you don't understand

why she's so upset,

or how you hurt her.

Throughout every insult,

never has she been

so deeply wounded.

But you changed all of that.

She gave you her heart,

and you simply laughed.

She walked away from you,

and you did nothing

but watch her retreat.

Now, as your eyelid blinks

salt water away,

you see your mistakes.

You've lost her forever,

because it's too late;

she won't trust you now.

Maybe that salty sting,

like tears in raw wounds,

will teach you something.

a/n: Another entry for a Muse Bunny contest. The prompt was to write a poem somehow based on the theme of omission, and we had to use the words trickling, throughout, eyelid, and salt, but we were not allowed to use the words the or what.