~ Everyon Needs a Little Vacation ~

"Daddy! Daddy get up! Papa-Ky too! Up! Up! Up!"

Tyne groaned at the thirty-five pounds of excitement that slammed down on his abdomen and then scrambled off to probably do the same thing to Kyr at his right. He threw his arm over his eyes. What time was it anyway?

"Daddy tired?"

He rolled his head to the right and smiled at the blue-eyed waif who stood by the bedside and had slipped her little fingers into his hand. "No baby-girl, Daddy's fine. Come here."

Her face lit up, and she scrambled onto the bed when he leaned over to wrap his arm around her hips and pull her up. She draped herself over his chest and squeezed.

Tyne glanced over to where Enras sat against Kyr's abdomen and kept throwing himself forward to pounce against Kyr's chest. "Up!" he shouted each time.

As always, Kyr pretended to keep sleeping.

"Kyr, stop it." Tyne sighed as he slid out of bed, still holding Belryn close.

He heard the sudden shift behind him, which told him that Kyr had grabbed Enras to throw the boy to his back beside him. The follow-up raspberry on Enras's belly made the boy squealed in laughter.

"Silly." Belryn snuggled against Tyne's neck.

"They are, aren't they, sweetheart?" he asked, grabbing his robe from the closet.

"Papa!" By now, Kyr probably had Enras hanging upside down by his ankles and loving every minute of it.

"Hun'ry, Daddy."

"We'll get something to eat," Tyne assured his daughter, managing to maneuver into his robe without having to put his little cuddle-bug down. He turned to his beloved and their boisterous son. Enras was indeed upside-down, now twisting and swinging himself side to side in attempt to reach any part of Kyr. "When you two are done with your morning ritual, come downstairs and we'll eat."

Kyr just laughed, and if Enras heard, he didn't have any response—especially since he'd caught Kyr's leg.

"Wan' white-waffos, Daddy. Have white-waffos?"

"We'll check." Belryn may want waffles, but Mother Moon, Tyne needed some coffee. That might truly be the best thing about their vacations to the Tangible: coffee. The Shadow Realms tea may be pretty good, but nothing beat a morning coffee.

Tyne set Belryn down in one of the chairs and pulled a banana. After quickly slicing a few pieces, he set them down for her to start with and then turned to his coffee pot.

"Good morning, Glitral," he called without turning to see who'd entered the kitchen.

"Morning, Tyne. Morning pretty-baby."

"Mor'ing! Have 'nana?"

"You eat it," Glitral laughed.

Tyne dug through the cupboards for waffle mix. "I'm surprised you're awake. I would have thought you and Bethar would sleep until noon."

"We would have," a slightly grumpy voice growled, announcing Bethar's arrival. "Except someone's pint-sized tornado decided to come and jump on our heads. He's only still alive right now because he didn't jump on Glitral's stomach."

Tyne laughed. "He knows better than that. I am sorry though. I figured they started with Kyr and me."

"Nope," Glitral laughed. "Can I help, Tyne?"

"Will you make the eggs? You do the best out of all of us."

Glitral laughed. "Sure thing."

Bethar stepped up behind Glitral and started to push her towards the table. "You should be sitting."

Glitral laughed. "Bethar, it's sweet you're so concerned. But I'm still a Battle Bulwark. I'm pregnant, not about to shatter—not even that far along."


"Really, Bethar," she insisted and leaned over to kiss his cheek. "I can't wait to see what sort of mad-man you're going to become when he's actually born."

"Maybe it's a her," Bethar pointed out.

"Moon forbid. You'd go out of your mind if we have a girl."


"No." She swatted his hand away. "I'm making breakfast. Go sit down before I put something gross in yours."

Bethar frowned but turned towards the table and sat down to cut some more banana for Belryn.

"Wan white-waffos!" Belryn reminded an edge of panic creeping into her voice.

"I'm making waffles," Tyne told her.

The sound of pounding feet and a shriek like a banshee cut off any further rational conversation. Enras rushed into the kitchen, running and shouting something about frogs and logs, while turning a tight circle. On his head, Song clung among his reddish-brown hair, flicking her long tail for balance while she chattered joyously.

"Hey you." Bethar grabbed the excited child and pulled him around. He leveled a serious stare at the young boy. "It's too early for all that yelling. Lower your voice."

Enras made a slight face but nodded. "Kay."

Bethar smiled and ruffled the sides of his hair since he couldn't do it to the top like he normal. Couldn't really squish the traiza after all. "Good boy."

"Morning, Red." Kyr slid his arms around Tyne's waist and nuzzled his ear.

Tyne smiled and patted Kyr's arms and pointed with his chin at the half of banana left from Belryn's portion. "Good morning. Will you give Enras his banana?"

"Only if you promise I get a repeat-performance of last night, tonight."

Tyne chuckled and shook his head against the flush. "Hardly appropriate early-morning conversation."

"It's nothing to be ashamed of," Kyr laughed as he slid away. "We're all family here. Right, babes?"

"Raiwt!" both Enras and Belryn cheered together.

"Yeah, but I don't wanna hear it," Bethar grumped with a yawn. "It's bad enough just knowing when you're doing it."

Glitral giggled as she continued to prep the scrambled eggs. "I think it's hot."

Bethar moaned. "Ugh… I know you do."

Tyne laughed.

Before long, the waffles and the eggs were finished and the little family sat down to breakfast. As usual, it was something of a zoo. If Enras wasn't forgetting to use his indoor-voice and shouting about something, Belryn was fussing a little because she was still tired—Enras usually woke her, and everyone else, too early. When either twin was upset, Song would fall into a frantic panic, trying to comfort them or avenge whatever she perceived to be the cause. More than once she'd attacked a plate during a meal because Enras or Belryn cried about not wanting to eat something. Glitral would attempt damage control, generally irritating Bethar in the process—either because he was the jealous and protective type or because she'd use him as an 'example'. Kyr helped when necessary. And Tyne? Sometimes, he just had to sit back and observe the insanity that was his life.

After breakfast, Enras scrambled down and ran to Bethar's side. "Ar-ar take to park?"

Bethar grinned down at him and grabbed his napkin to swipe at Enras's mouth. "After a bath, you sticky monkey."

"Paaaark!" he shouted.

"Alla come too?" Belryn asked around her last bite of waffles as she looked hopefully to Glitral.

"Sure," Glitral answered. "You'll need a bath too."

The twins rushed off with Bethar for a bath. Bethar was most suited for the job these days because Enras had discovered his knack for water control and tended to flood the bathroom whenever Bethar or Kyr wasn't there to suppress his attempts. Sometimes they were on accident, and sometimes they weren't; either way, when Enras attempted it, Belryn had to try too, and she didn't have nearly his control yet.

When Tyne started to clear the table, Kyr took the plates out of his hand. "You should go back to bed, Tyne. You're going to be exhausted later otherwise."

"I'm fine."

Kyr smirked and leaned forward. "You know you can't lie to me. Go take a nap."

Tyne wanted to grouse about being treated like a child, but he knew it really was the best idea, especially if he wanted to give Kyr a 'repeat performance', and he kinda did. He sighed and met Kyr's lips with his own. "Alright. Thank you, Kyr."

The Bulwark winked.

Tyne paused at the door. "Thanks for taking them to the park, Glitral."

She smiled and continued helping with the clean-up. "Of course."

As Tyne drifted back to sleep in the comfortable bed, he smiled to himself. It was rather amazing how a single vacation nearly three years ago could have led to such retreats. He sighed, wondering when Wave would appear telling him that they were needed back in the Silver Rose. It never failed. Within three days of leaving on vacation, someone had to have him back for some emergency. Next time, he was going to make Kyr hide them.

"Stop worrying so much."

Tyne smiled and covered Kyr's hand when it slid over his abdomen. "Hi."

"We came to relax. So relax."

"Someday maybe it will be that easy," he chuckled as he rolled to face Kyr. He lifted his hand to trail his fingers down Kyr's nose and then over his lips. "Until then, I might need… encouragement."

Kyr chuckled. "That's pretty forward, Red."

"And you like it. Kiss me."

Kyr obeyed.

AN: I hope you enjoyed this look into the future of my little family of seers and Bulwark. Once again, thank you all for all your support and love throughout Highjacked Heart. So with this, we are truly wrapped up. *blows kiss*