I swung left and then right my fist slamming against the girls jaw…again and again, then I swung my strong punches to her stomach, and her ribs. I smirked widely as I beat the girl's ribs, then she fell to the ground. I jumped for her and locked her under me and I began to hit her ribcage forcefully determined to at least break one. "Tap out____ tap out," the crowd yelled at my component. But she was as stubborn as me…kind of. Then unwanted memories flooded in my head uncontrollably "Rebecca you are only as strong as you are weak…do you understand? Fight for the gold…fight for it," my dad's voice yelled at me.

I snapped back to reality only to see the girl quiver out of my hold and hit me hard on the left side of my face. I laughed evilly and ran for her; I slammed her body down, punching her in the face. After a few punches her lip busted open causing blood to gush out on the mat. Then I went for her ribs…she screamed in agony but didn't tap out then I got up…and sluggishly she did the same. Just what I wanted; I punched left, right, left, and kicked her straight in the ribcage…and she fell. Her left hand on the right side of her ribs…she got up. "You should just quit," I told her. "Never," she spit at me, blood gushing out…I shrugged and tackled her down and slammed my fist forcefully at her already wounded ribs. Then about 20 punches in a row later she sluggishly tapped out; but I kept punching…then the referee came and pushed me off her.

He grabbed my right hand by the wrist and shot it up in the air. "RE-BECCA MARX…champion of the battle!!!!!!!!" the host yelled into the microphone. I smiled my fake smile…and ran to the middle of the mat "Yeah!!!! You can't beat me!!!" I yelled punching the air, the crowd yelled in response. "Don't miss our last fight of the year!!! Here in CLUB STREETS!!!! As Rebecca Marx defends her title as number one against…Anna Tyler, Suzie Riviera, and Cony Williams…here at MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The host yelled to the crowed.

I jumped in victory, then the music played cueing everyone to dance. The referee and two bodyguards moved the mats. I got off and grabbed my duffel bag and walked out…on my way out I was met with high fives, good jobs, and congrats. I smiled my fake smile and walked to the door…there I was greeted by my two friends Anthony and Michaela. They were twins….they both had super dark straight brown hair…with emerald green eyes. "That was one hell of a fight Bec's," Anthony said putting his arm over my shoulders. "Thanks…how's the girls condition," I asked shaking Anthony's arm away…and we walked towards his car.

"Um, busted noise, and lip, slash above eyebrow, and broken ribs," Michaela told me. "How many ribs," I asked opening the car door and sliding in and they both did the same. "Um, two or three you little psycho," we laughed. "So where do we go now?" Anthony asked turning the car on. "You are taking me to the foster home before sister Suzann has a heart attack, then your sister and you are going home. So we can all rest for the last day of the school year…and the last fight of the year…and then hello summer break!" I told them my emotionless face smirking. "Fine…but I'm only agreeing because I know you can kick my ass if I don't," we all laughed…well they really laughed but I laughed fakishly…but like always nobody could tell I was faking. Since I haven't really laughed since my parents died last summer in a hotel fire.

"Dad I still don't get why you and mom have to go away this weekend," I complained instead of really asking as me and my dad put away our kickboxing gear. My dad use to be a professional kick boxer until he retired and got married to my mom. And ever since I was five my dad taught me how to kick box…and let me just say I'm great…I won four golden gloves, and I'm titled as the NUMBER 1 FEMALE KICK BOXER in the senior division. Yes senior I skipped a level because I'm just that good. "I told you Bec's your mom and I have to go for a business trip…" I sighed in frustration. "Fine but why do I have to stay with Lillian I'm fifteen already I can take care of myself," I pouted. "Yeah I know…you can and could take care of yourself ever since you were seven; but you still need to be taken care of…and that's what Lillian is for." I snorted, Lillian never took care of me when she was here I could get away with anything…she always practiced her dancing. She goes to Julliard School of performing arts…so yeah she kind of never visits only on breaks. "Come on sport help me pack," my dad told me and we went back up stairs. I can forget my parents, especially my father. He was the only one who understood me; he loved me, took care of me, and taught me everything i know. Him and I were best friends, but that day he left for that one business ruined my life. My parents death caused me to live in a horrible foster home, while my sister goes and lives life carefree not even thinking about me. But that's life...unfair.

I came back to reality to the sound of the radio and Michaela and Anthony's voices singing along. I covered my ears playfully…"Jeez, you two suck," Michaela turned around and stuck her tongue at me. "And like your any better," Anthony mocked me. "I never said I was." "Whatever…were here at the foster home Bec's." he told me. I grabbed my duffle bag putting on my sweat pant and sweat shirt to cover my kick boxing gear. I opened the door…"Gloves," Michaela told me. I took of my gloves and through them in the bag and zipped it shut. "Bye," I waved, "Bye," the both said in union. I quietly shut the door and walked up the steps to the big wooden door…I ducked my key into its key hole and slowly and as quietly as possible I opened it. Luckily I didn't creek open…as I closed it; I sighed in relief. I turned around and let out a small scream…"Sister Suzann…Umm, how are you?"

"For heaven sakes where have you been Rebecca Elizabeth Marx?"

"Um? Michaela's house…"

"Don't lie Rebecca…"

"I'm not."

She glanced at the grandfather clock against the wall and back at me. "You mean to tell me you were there since nine till one in the morning?"

"Yes, I told Sister Catherine that I was going to the gym…and we left the gym at like eleven. Then after that we went to Michaela's…why is that so hard to believe?" I asked her moving forward but I abruptly stopped when she came forward. And my hood fell down reveling the punch mark along my cheek bone and middle of my cheek. It was red and a bit puffy, sister Suzann didn't miss a beat; she automatically looked at it as if it was calling her name.

"What's that?" she asked pointing her finger to my mark, I put up my hood and looked away at to the polished wooden floor.

"Rebecca answer me!"

"Nothing! Just a mark…I hit myself."

"Hmmm, what's in the bag?"

"Gym equipment," she took a step forward and put her hand out.

"Give me it then."

I hesitated it had my kick-boxing shoes, gloves, my teeth-guard, a towel, along with a bottle of water and my phone. I wouldn't mind giving it to her if it wasn't for my kick-boxing equipment.

I sighed; I guess I have no choice…so I handed it to her hatefully and coldly. She opened it; the first thing she took out was my towel, then water bottle, teeth-guard, and then my kick-boxing gloves and shoes. I looked down, she sighed deeply…"Rebecca Elizabeth Marx have you been boxing?"

No duh…"No…well yeah the gym has a kick-boxing section," I lied smoothly…oh and yes my full name is Rebecca Elizabeth Marx. I loved the Rebecca Marx part but Elizabeth is too…um annoying.

"Mmhmm, your sixteen don't lie...I think you know better. Rebecca I thought you were done boxing?"
"It was just to get in shape…gezz."

"Oh Rebecca…" she sighed stepping forward. There was only one way to get out of this…when she reached out I ducked and dodged; I sprinted for my bag on the floor. When it was securely in my hands I ran for the stairs…and made it to my room. Well I shared it but still. I sighed and walked to my bed I through my duffel bag under it and laid down looking up at the nasty gray roof. Then before I knew it my heavy eyelids fell and I was in a deep trance of sleep.

'I'm reckless and feelin' no pain
You know I've got no need to control
Livin' with the danger
I'm always on the edge now
With million dollar visions that I hold
Livin' like this never ever
Tore my life apart
I know how to maintain
And you know I know my part 'Livin' like this never ever
Tore my life apart
I know how to maintain
'Cause it's comin' from my heart

Guns 'n Roses

Reckless life

My alarm on my phone rang from under my bed. As it boomed over the room, I fell to the cold polished wooden floor. I squirmed around the floor fighting with my blanket then when that was over; I pulled out my duffel bag and slammed my fist on my phone turning it off. I looked at the time and it was exactly five thirty…I sighed and went to my dresser. I took out my black skinny jeans tore neatly at the knee, my purple tank top that stopped exactly on my bellybutton, and I got other necessities…and a towel and went to the bathroom. Luckily nobody else in this foster home woke up this early well none of the girls did. I took a quick hot shower to relax my muscles down. When that was over I brushed through my long brown hair, brushed my teeth, and rubbed lotion all over my body.

Then as my skin got smooth; I changed into my outfit, and applied eyeliner and mascara to my grey eyes that sometimes looked greenish depending on the light. When I was done with everything in the bathroom I went outside to the room and all the girls were in a line to get in. "This isn't the only bathroom girls," sister Suzann yelled. And at her sight I sprinted to my room. I grabbed my plain black messenger bag, with my books, notebook, pens and pencils inside of it. Then I grabbed my duffel bag; I put in some black and purple kick-boxing shorts, a purple sports bra, my purple and black fingerless fighting gloves, a towel, a water-bottle, and my teeth-guard. Then I grabbed my phone and black leather jacket and left to the bus. But before I got there Anthony and Michaela came around the corner in Anthony's red 2008 mustang cobra with a black racing stripe going over the hood and down. He pulled over allowing me to get in…which I did.

I through my duffel bag in the trunk as we parked into the school parking lot. "So are we going to KICK some ass!" Anthony asked over excited about tonight. "What's this 'we'…I'm the one who is busting my ass to be number one….ha-ha just kidding. Yeah I'm going to kick some major ass!"

"Ha-ha, yeah! Man, I kind of feel bad for your components…" Michaela laughed, and we all joined in…my fake laugh sounding positively real to them but it wasn't. We walked to the field and sat on a bench. "Man, you have to show me some of your moves Bec's. Come on!" Anthony begged.

"I'm sorry Anthony…I don't show my moves to anybody…not even my best friends."

He sighed but then shook it off…we got up and walked around since classes didn't start till 8:00 and it was just 7:40. We talked about meaningless stuff but it interested them like there was no tomorrow. Then someone bumped into me purposely, I looked up to see Chad, an all American football player. He turned and smirked "Watch were you're going Becca," he laughed anger exploded in me. "It's REBECCA not Becca, or anything else you think. R-E-B-E-C-C-A!"

"Jeez, someone is sensitive. Come on Becca be a good girl and show Chad your true feelings." He smirked along with all his friends. I glared; "You want my fist up your ass..?" I asked sarcastically putting my fist up. "OOO….feisty! I love feisty," he took a few steps forward in a perfect length for me to kill him! "Well I hope you lovea face full of fist and an ass full of foot!!" I yelled. Michaela put her hands on my arm pulling me back and Anthony did the same to my opposite arm. "OOO…let's see what you have…" I looked at Anthony and Michaela, they let go and swung forward my fist slamming against his lip. "BITCH!!!" he yelled on top of his lungs. People turned around and made a circle around us. Anthony and Michaela took a few steps back…I smirked. "What? Is that all you got?"

I froze; I hated it when people tortured me that way.

"What cat got your tongue…?"

Everybody laughed…but shut up quickly as I kicked him were the sun-don't-shine if you get what I mean. He fell to the ground and I kicked him in the stomach taking the air out of him. "Fight...fight...fight!" the crowd chanted. But after a few punches in the stomach a teacher came to "break it up." As the teacher came running the crowd disappeared I tried to do the same but the teacher caught me. I shot Michaela and Anthony the 'go away' look and they did they left running to homeroom. "You...report to the principals office now!" Mr. Ronald yelled at me. I grabbed my bag and walked towards the office; i knew exactly were it was.

I went into the fresh building and walked straight towards the principals office. I knocked twice before entering..."Ah, Rebecca Marx what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you today?"

"Well...it's not really a pleasure really..."

"What did you do this time?" he sighed.


"Again? With who and why?"

"Yes again...and with chad because he is a ass-hole," i stated Mr. Lopez sighed.

"Well why did he act like a...?"

"Ass-hole? Because he's like everybody else in this school...careless."