Sara Johnson knew she was different, but she never knew how different. Out of the thousands of her kind only eight of them are born different. Four girls and four boys. They're just like all the other vampires; the only difference is that they have powers that no one else has.

At the boarding school they go to- for vampires only, they have to take different classes even different training exercises. What has this world come to?

Chapter 1

Yawn. I wake up to the beeping of my alarm clock. I look at the other bed in the room to see my roommate, Callie Marks, still in bed asleep. She apparently could sense that I'm wake so seconds later she's awake too. It's sort of something we can both do. If we sense that someone is awake or moving around in our room, we wake up.

"Morning," I say sill sitting up in my bed. I look out our window to see that it's almost dark. Since we're vampires we have our schedule opposite of humans. They wake up at nine a.m., and we wake up at nine p.m.; and yes the same applies for basically everything else.

"Morning," Callie yawns. Callie and I are freshmen's here at Vamp High. The name of the school is different to the outside world. No one can ever know what we are and what we do here. School started a month and ago and I'm still not used to it.

I've never been to boarding school and neither has Callie. Callie and I have been best friends since kindergarten. She's a tomboy like me. We're basically sisters except for the fact that we look nothing alike. She has medium length blonde hair and has hazel eyes. I, on the other hand, have long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Callie stretches and then lays back down to go back to sleep. I get up and grab my black robe to go take a shower. As soon as I'm done, Callie finally gets up and takes a shower. I go over to my dresser to go get my uniform. Lucky for me the uniform colors are my favorite colors. Unlike other schools, Vamp High gives you a color choice; you can either have dark red and black or dark green and black. The only downer is that every girl has to wear the skirt.
I put on my dark red and black plaid skirt and the black shirt and dark red tie that goes with it. Callie wears the same thing only dark green instead of dark red.

As soon as we're both all dressed and ready, we head down to the girls' dorm lounge, where we always have breakfast.

"So where are we going after school today?" Callie asks as she pours her cheerios in a bowl and then drowns them in milk.

"I don't know. How about the Crave?" The Crave is a place were us students can go to hang out without going off campus. It sells basically any food or drink for our vampire needs.

"Ok, sounds good. So let's just meet at the dorm after school to drop off our stuff and then head over."

"Works for me," I yawn, "Ugh, God, I hate mornings." I say as I finish my bowl of crispix.

"Who doesn't?" Callie asks, still eating her cheerios.

"Weirdo's." I smirk

"Well we all knew that already."

"Doesn't mean I can't say it."

Callie just rolled her eyes at me. Then we both got up to go put our bowls in the dishwasher. "Come on, we're going to be late for biology" Callie says.

"Oh joy," I say sarcastically. "All right let's go." We walk out of the girls' lounge and head over to the main building. While we're walking down the hall to bio, we see Brittany Taylor, the snobbiest girl this school has ever seen and she's even a freshmen. With her long, blonde hair and her light blue eyes, she thinks she's the hottest thing this school has ever seen. Well, I got news for her, she's not.

As we walk down the hall she decides to get me mad by bumping into me as she walks past us.

"Oh yeah, there's no way you could have seen me there, right?" I say as I turn to her.

"Oh I'm sorry." She says sarcastically. She also turned to face me.

"A yeah, sure you are. Maybe next time, instead of trying to remember when to inhale and exhale, you can concentrate on where you're going."

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asks, apparently getting pissed.

"Oh you know what that means or are you to stupid to even understand that." I say right to her face. She apparently didn't like that diss very much so she comes right up to me thinking that her height will intimidate me. To bad it doesn't work.

"Don't back talk me u freak." She growls showing her fangs.

"Oh please, I can back talk who ever I please, when ever I please." I also showed my fangs and then I walked away from a shocked loser. She thinks she's all bad and mighty just because she's popular. God it ticks me off when people like that—

"Wow, you just had to go and say something to her." Callie says interrupting my train of thought and reminding me that she was still there.

"She needs to learn that she can't control us like she does with everyone else."

"Yeah, but what a great way to start a morning. Oh well." As soon as we get to bio, we grab our books from the back cabinet and sit down in the desks that are next to the windows.

"Alright take a seat." Mr. Matterson calls. "Class has started."