Chapter 9

"Ok now this is going to be good." Callie said when she got off her rock and walked over to me.

"Oh yeah you got that right." I said.

"Jason you'll go easy on me right?" Britney says batting her eyelashes-Gag me with a spoon.

"Sure I guess." Jason says getting on to his rock.

"Thanks Jassy." She calls from the other side and I could have sworn I heard him growl. I

laughed- I'm sorry but this is going to be hilarious I can just feel it.

As soon as they were lifted into the air the water rose with them and started rocking up and down. Brit was about to loose balance but she lucked out because another rock appeared and she just went on to it. Jason wasn't as lucky he had to keep his balance or else he would fall.

Since the water wasn't enough fire started shooting from the everywhere. Even the rocks that were appearing were shooting up fire, so they had to be quick. Brit barely missed one of them. Then out on the other side I see the one that Jason's standing on burst into flames.

"did you see that?" Dan asked.

"Do you think he's hurt?" Shayla was just as surprised. I was so surprised I didn't know what to say.

Then out the fire vanishes faster the others did. Then Jason reverses the fire by shooting it at Brit. So hes fire? Intresting, guess he got what he wanted. Britney starts fracking out because she has no idea what to do. Oh my god I wish I had a camera because her face is hystarical. Callie and I start crying because we're laughing so hard.

Finally she got so scared that her power finally showed up to show her what to do it seemed like. She started making gusts of wind come out of her hands that Jas was easily able to dodge. Then Jason got tired of it and shot three things of fire out of his hands. All threes of them him Brit making her fall down.

So in the end Jason kicked Brits ass, but I mean come on did you honestly think it would be anyway. When she walks over towards the rest of us, callie and I try hard not to laugh. A couple of times we let out a little bit of it but other that that we kept it to ourselves.

"I thought you said you would go easy." She pouted.

"That was my easy." He replied then came over to talk to me.

"So, it looks like we're both fire." He said.

"Yep, looks like it."

"So, do you think Mrs. Time will let us do a little fire one fire?" He asked with a smug smile.

"I don't know. Why don't you go ask?"

"I think I will."

"Ok you do that." He walks away to go talk to Time.

After their duel was Mike and Shayla had their duel and they tied. Mike turned out to be water, Shayla was earth. It was now three thirty in the morning so school has been out for a half an hour.

Mrs. Time told us that from now on we wouldn't be going to our normal classes anymore. She said that instead of going into our normal morning classrooms, we would be going to the headquarter room for classes. So, no more same classrooms, no more same, stupid exercises, and no more lame teachers. Now only one teacher and only one room- well maybe two, if they use the training room. Oh this is going to rock.

She said we would be learning the same material but we would just learn it in different ways. She told us that the loft- the h.q. and the training hall- would be opened at seven p.m. and locked at four thirty a.m. No one except us and Mrs. Time could get in- apparently there's some code that she told us, and that code unlocks the loft. Mrs. Jane would be in the office from seven to five to make sure that no one gets in that isn't supposed to.

After all of that we go back to our dorms. As soon as Callie and I get to ours, I hurried and go laid down on my bed. "Man I'm beat."

"Same," Callie said taking off her shoes then laid down on her bed. "Some day this has turned out to be."

"You have no idea." I said under my breath, remembering what had happened today at the gym. I wonder if he'll try that again, I thought.

"I'm going to go grab something from the lounge before they close. You want to come?" She said getting back up.

"Sure, our mini fridge needs more food in it anyway." I said also getting up. We go down stairs and grab some sodas and food. When we get back to our room, we put the food in the fridge. Then we get into casual clothes and start on our homework.