i was bored,

and i made a mistake,

i should have never walked up,

i should have never said hi,


i didn't let you get a word in,

because i knew what you were going to do,

you hurt me,

and i should have walked away forever,


but i didn't want to be the one that did it,

instead i just pretended to be friends with you,

and you took it in,

but hug didn't even feel the same,


should be ashamed of myself,

but i tell my heart over and over,

that it's better than letting her down,

like i've done to so many others,


i hate the feeling of false pretenses,

all i wanna do is start over again,

but everyday i just walk away,

walk away,


i always pick the stupidest fights,

but i guess that fits,

because i'm the stupidest girl,

how could i let another one go by?


i'm so ignorant,

blind to the truth,

i let others hurt me,

because i think that's the best i'm gonna do,


i've let them all go,

and none of them have ever come back,

at least i've got the power to do that,

but i don't want to be like this anymore,


i don't even have the courage to end it all,

what makes me think that i could say the truth?

i'm scared of what i might feel,

what i do,


i can feel your words,

pressed against me,

but i still try to reconnect,

it never seems the same,


my heart is hollow when it comes to you,

there's nothing that i can do,

i always screw up the best things,

when will i ever learn?