Ch. 1 - So Dramatic
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"But you think that I can't see what kind of man that you are, if you're a man at all? Well I'll figure this one out on my own."
--Decode , Paramore



She heard the news, but didn't respond. She didn't want to. She didn't believe it. Her mother couldn't be dead. Just this morning, she had asked if she wanted to go out to lunch with her. It hadn't been more than two hours ago when she had told her that she had ordered her something that would be coming in the mail.

It'd been just over an hour ago when they had last exchanged "I love you's".

"When can I go see her? I need to talk to her," Audrina murmured.

The doctor's face was stricken. "Audrina. Your mother... she's gone."

"No. She's not. She wouldn't leave us," Audrina told him. She looked at the doctor's face and it was still pale and sad. "Don't tell me my mom's dead. She's not! Let me see her!" At this point, she was screaming. She couldn't control herself. She was screaming for her mother with everything she had. Slowly, she let the gravity of the doctor's words sink in.

"No! She can't leave me! She wouldn't leave me! Damn it! How could she leave me!" Audrina felt someone's arms wrap around her and prevent her from lashing out as she wanted to. "Let go! I need to see her!"

"Sweetheart! Sweetheart stop! You can't see her!"

Audrina finally looked up to see her father. His face was pale, his eyes were red, and there were tears pouring from his eyes.

Her mother was dead.

"Daddy. Why would she leave us? Why'd she leave me?"

Audrina's father cradled her to his body. "I don't know, Baby. She didn't want to. She loved you. Always remember that."


That was one month ago. It had been the day before Audrina's 17th birthday.

Since then, her father had all but left her for dead. She knew he loved her, but she thought it had something to do with the fact that she was almost the spitting image of her mom.

"Dray, your father wants to see you in his study. Now, ma'am," Laura, the house maid, said.

Audrina looked up from her historical romance novel and nodded. It was the first time since her mom's death that her father actually wanted to sit down and talk to her. She ran her fingers through her waist length, deep brown hair and flipped it to one side and climbed out of her bed. She followed Laura out of the room silently until she reached her father's study.

After a tiny knock, she entered at her father's booming voice. "Come, Audrina. Sit. We need to talk."

Audrina slowly made her way to the chair she had been sitting in for years whenever her father wanted to see her in his study. However, he didn't sit with her. He moved, instead, to the large, empty fireplace and stood with his back to her.

So dramatic.

"Dray... Audrina. I don't know how to make this easier on you. But I've made a decision. You aren't going to like it, but in this you have no choice. Its for your own good." He ran his hands over his face and for the first time, she realized how much he had aged in just one month.

"I... you..." He heaved a sigh and Audrina could feel her heart rate speed up. "You're going to go live with the Aliceas. They have accepted you with open arms." He turned to look at his daughter. She was shaking her head silently in denial. "Dray... you are legally betrothed to their son, Lucian Chase Alicea. As you are only 17, you wont be getting married immediately. We're going to give you both time. Nevertheless, you have until your 18th birthday to come to terms with this. Then you will be married regardless. For now, you will live together and you will be together. I will not hear of you having any other relationships with anyone else. He is expected to remain loyal to you as well. But regardless of your feelings, unless it's the worst possible situation, you will be married."

"Daddy... you can't."

"I can and I have to!" His voice boomed once again. Then he took a deep breath and said in a calm voice, "it's for the best."

Audrina stood up. She was leaving so she figured it didn't matter now what she said to him. "It's for the best? For who? Maybe you didn't understand that when you became a parent, your first priority becomes your child. Not yourself. The only reason you're sending me away is because you can't deal with me now that Mommy's gone. This is all for you. This is so you can sit here and wallow in self pity without having to worry about me. And you honestly think I will ever want to feel anything for anyone after seeing what it gets me? I'm motherless with a father who is sending me away to make his life easier. You know what, Daddy? Maybe its good that you're sending me away. What I need is an adult. Someone with responsibility, and someone who can at least pretend they care. Something you aren't man enough to do."

Audrina turned and walked to the door, not wanting to turn so her father couldn't see her tears. She ignored his shouting. "Oh, and you know what? While I'm living with a family that isn't mine, I want you to think about Mom. I want you to wonder how she would feel about this. If there is one thing you made me sure of, it was that Mom loved me."