My thoughts, my lies
That tie me here.
My life, my fear
That strand me here.

My imagination says
I'm not alone.
But so badly
I want to pick up
That phone,
To call a call
To save myself.

From myself.

A life I found,
Was so useless.
A life we say,
Was just a mess.

Faceless, nameless
That I am.
You say smile,
And yet, I frown.

I try so hard,
Only to see myself fail.
In the end
(This you don't realize)
I am frail.

I cry a cry
That you
Don't see.
Wish I could
Set myself

I am not bossy,
Nor am I weak.
That's all you
Choose to see.

I could be
If I tried.
But I guess
I'd rather
Just to hide.