Regret, Forgive, Forget

I'm sorry. I'm not a fickle person.
My eyes don't wander,
my faith doesn't waver,
my dreams won't die.

To you I may seem indecisive,
but what you don't seem to understand
is that I commit. My vows are firm,
my word is stone, I swear in steel.
To you I am as inconstant as the wind.

But know this; the wind is forever,
You are not.

I apologize if commitment scared you so much.
Know that you have left indelible scars on me.
Don't worry, I'm not angry. Though I am not
the same as I was before I met you,
and I never will be, it doesn't matter to me.
if I hurt you, I am sorry.

But don't think you've affected me
more than any other person could;

Don't be so vain.

In time you can stop avoiding my gaze.
Perhaps, in the future,
we'll walk past each other on the streets;
you won't notice me, maybe I won't notice you.
And maybe, one day,
you can think of me
without feeling guilty. Maybe you already can.

I am sorry for many, many things –
most of all for bad decisions
and hasty assumptions.

But I cannot apologize for your faults.