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Chapter One: The Interview

Standing on the footpath, the nervous young woman looked up at the height of the skyscraper building that her job interview was to take place in and she bit back a strangled cry as she hoped that it wouldn't be on the top floor because just the change of altitude could make her motion sick. That would be one hell of a way to end a job interview and she really needed this job. Taking a deep breath, she pushed open the door to the building and saw that the first floor was completely empty apart from a wall of elevators, a couple of couches and a large desk. This was obviously the reception area.

A woman rushed in behind her, cursing about her being stood in the way, and made her way over to a lift. She sorted out her skirt, undid a button on her shirt so that her impressive cleavage popped out, her hand raked through her blonde locks and she turned to look at her. "What?" She said in an unimpressed voice. "We can't all walk about life looking like plain Jane's." She said in an obvious reference to the safe decision of a shirt, plain grey skirt and a waistcoat that matched. The long ginger hair was gripped up in a bun and her mystifying grey eyes were hidden behind a massive pair of glasses that looked as if she'd borrowed them from her grandmother. There was no make-up on her face because it had never been something she bothered with.

Opening her mouth to reply, she stopped as she watched the woman step into the lift, press a button and the doors close in front of her so that it zoomed upwards. She bitterly prayed that the woman would get lost in the large building before moving towards the reception desk, her hand tightening on her handbag as she saw the elderly woman look over at her with a smile of sympathy. "Don't let anyone upset you love. It's about time someone came in here dressed like a woman ready for work and not a quickie in the bathrooms."

"Thank you." She smiled at the woman appreciating the friendly face before rifling through her handbag. "I'm here to find a..." She paused as she struggled to find the piece of paper and her glasses were starting to slip down her nose. Pushing them up her nose, she sighed as she pressed her fingertips to her temple. "I appear to have left my piece of paper. He had such an unusual name too..." She whispered to herself as she fought with her memory to remember the man's name.

"Are you here for the personal assistant with Mr Stone?" The woman kindly asked before clicking something on her computer. "Miss Bailey Addams?" She asked kindly and the young girl nodded as she closed her handbag. "Well Mr. Stone is waiting for you. You take that third elevator and press floor ten."

"Ten?" She whispered in a squeaky voice as she looked over at the elevator as if it was going to eat her alive.

"Are you afraid of lifts, Miss Addams?"

"No. Not lifts. Heights." She admitted to the woman before taking a deep breath and smiled. "I suppose it is time I grew up and made this first step towards making a change in my life." She explained before moving over to the lift and pressing the call button. Butterflies fluttered away in her stomach as she stepped inside and pressed the button for the tenth floor. She could do this was her last thought as the doors flew closed, locking her in and she immediately panicked as she felt the floor move.

She didn't even know what was happening to her as she fell into a black abyss.


Wolf Stone sighed as he sat in his office and listened to his receptionist talk on the phone. How many times had he told her that the phone was only ever for work calls and not personal calls? He sighed as he went out to talk to her but saw a scene happening over at the lift. Striding away from his office, he pushed through the crowd and saw a young girl lying unconscious on the floor and something told him this was his ten fifteen. "Come on, guys. We need to give her some air." The crowd immediately broke away as if his word was gospel.

He knelt down in the lift and fanned her ginger fringe out of her face, her eyelids fluttered open at his touch revealing stunning grey eyes. She gasped at how hand beautiful the guy towering over her was. He had short black hair that looked unrealistic next to his extremely pale hair and then adding the piercing blue eyes she was sure that girls had fallen for him over the years just simply for his unusual but distinctive looks. He obviously mistaken her gasp of appreciation as a gasp for horror because he quickly said, "You're okay." Fear darted across her face as she suddenly realised that she didn't know what had happened to her for her to end up in this position. "You fainted in the lift but I'm going to carry you into my office and get you a glass of water. Is that okay?"

She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out so Wolf decided just to pick her up and carry her through, gently placing her on a chair and moving out again to speak to his receptionist. "Can I have two bottles of water and a glass please, Agnes?" He asked the woman before moving back inside his office and moving round to his chair. "Are you Miss Addams?" To that question, he got the nod of a head. He could tell she was embarrassed. "Miss Addams, don't be embarrassed about what just happened. It is frightfully warm in those lifts and I have been insisting on air conditioning in them for a while and I do believe that you might have just got my grant pushed forwards." His receptionist came in and poured her a glass of water before leaving again.

"I'm glad some good could come out of it then." She forced out before sitting up and sorting out her attire. "I completely understand if you would like me just to leave now because you've seen how much of a liability I am."

"Don't be crazy, Miss Addams. You had a slight fainting episode in my lift. It means I need to interview you more so you don't decide to sue me for improper practice or something like that." He smiled at her and Bailey felt herself relaxing as she looked over at him.

"Thank you."

"And besides your CV looks rather impressive but I do wonder why you left your previous position because it looks like it gave you a much better pay than what I'm offering."

"It's not about the pay, Mr Stone." Her tone was serious and Wolf looked over at her, realising there was obviously an underlying story to why she had left but he wasn't going to force that out of her now so he decided just to smile at her.

"I like your attitude even if it doesn't help people prosper in business. When are you free to start?"

Bailey stared at him in shock, her jaw actually relaxing as she wondered if the blue eyed beauty was having a joke with her at the expense of her embarrassing him by fainting in his lift.

"Excuse me?" She choked out over the water she'd just forced herself to swallow.

"I've just hired you for the job as my personal assistant and I was wondering when you could start?" He asked looking over at her with a bemused look on his face as he could tell that she was actually confused by his simple sentence and he was sorely tempted to ask if she was lying about her education that was written in her CV.

"I can start tomorrow." She finally forced out, a tremor present in her voice as if in shock that she'd actually been hired.

"Great. Nine o' clock it is then." He shook her hand as they both stood up. She turned to leave and when she reached the door, he called out, "Oh and Miss Addams." He waited for her to turn round and look at him. "Try not to faint tomorrow." He called out before watching her blush as she laughed. He chuckled to himself as he sat down. He could tell that with Bailey Addams on his team life wasn't about to get boring.


Stepping outside, Bailey bit back laughter as she pulled out her mobile and texting her two best friends to tell them that she had got the job before heading back to her small apartment so she could just relax. She had work to start in the morning and she needed to also conquer her fear of heights if she was going to be making that trek every day. Not that she was complaining because fainting into the arms of her handsome boss surely hadn't caused a problem for her.

"Don't think like that." She suddenly warned herself aloud on the busy street not surprised when the odd passerby gave her a worrying glance before continuing on with their own life. She laughed before starting down the road. She had a job tomorrow with a company that was famously known and she wasn't going to allow herself to get into any romantic entrapments. Not again.