I've been living, just barely,
In this alternate universe
Ever since you left it.
The world you invited me into
And then ran away from.

My laws of physics never worked here,
You were unscientific,
A wonder of nature to me.
You'd seen it all through your telescope
And yet, you still convinced me
To see the stars
In the darkness around me.

You dipped your words in star-light
To make my heart feel brighter.
And I fell from the moon, and
Landed amongst those same stars.
The northern lights had nothing
On what I felt for you.

Now that my light has gone out,
Colours, sounds,
Have no meaning here.
Just a muddy blur in between each

Star-speckled puddle of my tears.

I tried to get back through that
Warp-hole I followed you into
But I was too late.
I sent an S.O.S. to you
Off of my broken transmitter.

And I still got stuck,
Lost in space.
Waiting for you to come back,
To fix the space-time
Waiting for my sun to come up and
Start another day with you in it.

But I can always hope
For a shooting star.
And until my wish comes true,
My heart will remain
A ghost
Like the phantom light
Left on the edge of a black hole,
While you hide near the centre of

My universe.

And my sunrise mightn't ever come.
You won't come back, I know.
But I can't help myself.
I still can't forget the continual supernova

That I felt when I was with you.
I can do nothing but wonder
If you ever realised
What solar-system you took me to.