Alright this Next One Goes out to :

Louis Denair

Because there the only one who challenged to to come out of my comfort zone and try something different ;) Okay so here we go!

I wonder what it was.

I told myself "think happy thoughts"

No I didn't think of peter pan I thought of you for some reason.

I was just a little kid with this huge imagination.

Coming off my sugar high.

While I was spinning on the swing you past me by.

Swing long forgotten I ran to your side.

Your smile was so bright I knew you had nothing to hide.

We played together everyday after that.

Each time you left you gave me the same present.

The warmths of your hugs and a nice little sunburn.

Yesterday I went back to the park calling for your name.

But I knew it wouldn't be the same.

That day you never showed up.

I went to the swing and tied my hair ribbon there.

Because I knew you would be back the same time next year.