This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

THIS IS FICTION. It could be cool this existed, but the odds are it doesn't. Nobody get angry for any depiction. On the offhand events sound similar to other things you have read or seen, it would be pure coincidence, reference, or homage, for example, if you read manga (stupid question) be prepared to notice stuffs.

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The Order

Since the beginning of death, the most kind of people who have moved on felt a need to help the ones still alive. Granted, not everyone in death felt this way, not because they were simply too lazy to try, rather, they simply felt far too content in where they were. However, over the many millennia, the ones who have not passed on, the ones still in purgatory, felt a higher need to help, so at the year after the death of Jesus Christ, the powers that be decided to create The Order.

The Order acted like a police force, mostly made up from the purgatory, but once and a while, a memory wiped person from the moved on decided to help. Of course, they didn't really know what was in the beyond, so all religions still held together. They made sure if things got too out of hand in the world, beyond any mortal's work, beyond any spellcaster's control, they would help. Luckily for the world, nothing too grandiose ever entered too often, but once in a while, something big enough happened that they had to step in and help, like Atlantis.

If anyone ever wondered why they never seen nor heard any stories of the order, it was because they were very good at covering their tracks. In a sense, they were the myths, legends, and UFO sightings of the fantasy world. There was no chance that the normal world ever would hear from them, until it was time.

The Order spanned, not the globe, but all universes of the globe. The whole parallel universe theory was true to some extent. In all actuality, the other universes were just like any other universe, all that really changed was a certain action, a different fork in the road that some person decided to take. Some even converged back upon another, but in about half of the universes, there was the existence of the Order.

This is simply to set the mood, real story on other works, not the entire Order, but some select people. It's going to be very important to pay attention to the upper right corner to see what universe you are in, and to read the time, which could be an actual 3rd Point View or a flash back in 1st person. This will be sort of a guide to upcoming stuff to complicated to be set in one story, like magic, pseudoscience, so on.