This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

This basically covers anything 'magical' found in Spec. Univ.

So, fairies, elves, dragons, and such.

Species: A lesson in magical beings

Fair folk, dragons, demons, etc. There are a lot of things that go bump in the night. A lot of things. However, it has come to my attention that there has been no effort to classify these beings in a sort of category, none at all. Which is why I seek to rectify this gross abuse by writing a sort of general guideline for what they are and what one should do when encountering a being of such magnitude. Let us begin:

Fair Folk:

The fair folk used to be exclusive classification of the Sidhe race. They were a race of noble and proud magical beings who absolutely did not understand our concept of morality. They had a morality of course, but it just did not align to well with OUR CONCEPT of it. For an example, if we see things in black and white, they see it as orange and blue. Anyways, the two major groups were the Seelie and Unseelie, sort of nice and sort of mean respectively. Back then, one would pray that the beings they just met were of the Seelie faction, and, even if they were Seelie, that they did not accidentally offend them.

However, after many millennia of change and breeding with other things, people not understanding what goes where, reclassification, and other such events, the label for the Fair Folk has extended to many other beings. In fact, this is so broad that the new generalization can now be called anything that looks somewhat humanoid and has a tangible body. This would include, trolls, ogres, goblins, dwarves, giants, mer people, elves, so on. The list is literally endless.

However, the guidelines below are still good for 75% of them:

*Do not offend them


*Do not take anything from them. Note, this may seem like an offense, but they NEVER give gifts, these are a 1:1 trade, they expect something back.

*Iron works on most of them. In fact, iron works on most magical beings. We don't quite know why, but it seems like it may be because it serves as an analogy for purification of the earth. Since magical energy is mostly of the earth, it will sting badly for them. However, some species has long traded in their magic for the ability to touch and grasp iron, like goblins and dwarves.

*If the being in front of you looks nothing more like a mass of muscle, run and get behind an iron fence. If the being is slim and more royal looking, try to talk your way out of it. If you insulted him, run for the nearest iron something and pray your death will be swift.

*They can't lie. Well, the more magical powered ones can't.

*Most of them have glamour. This is pretty much heavy duty illusion magic that makes them look like something from heaven. Don't fall for it and try to get a special goop that shows you what they really look like. Granted, some of them, like the higher classed Sidhe, really do look beautiful. But don't get any ideas.

*Most of them, especially the Sidhe, made contracts with mystical entities of nature. Which is why there are many noble houses with certain emblems representing their background. This comes in handy if you want to align yourself with a certain element for whatever reason. This sounds like a stupid idea, but is worth it for some who want to get on their good side and want very powerful magic at their disposal. Please note that you are still lower class to them and pretty much admitted it when you accept their contract, so no ideas about overthrowing.


Please note we are not covering fallen angels in this section. They belong in another class and another theory altogether. Besides, we are trying to keep religion out of this.

Now demons, they are even bigger classification than the fair folk. Seriously, their only classification is that they have a way to separate a part of their core so that it may become a summoned entity for the summoner. This entity will form its body out of ectoplasmic goop and create a body similar to what they had. They could also potentially possess another body such as a human or a doll. They could even create a humanoid body if their summoner wanted to.

To summon a demon, you need a demon, a contract, and a magical circle. After finding and making a contract with a demon, you are granted with their name. By creating a summoning circle and invoking their name, you summon them. There may be some special things you need to do for special demons and other ways to do it, but basically that is how it works.

Guidelines for demons as follows:

*Running water, salt, and blessed objects (such as holy water) does a real number on their bodies. They also tend to shy away from the Sun. Iron may work, but that's mostly for things closer related to nature and most are not as aligned as the fair folk or spirits.

*If contracting with a demon, make sure the demon is either affable or weaker than you. It might seem odd summoning something weaker than you but let's be honest, can you control something that can kill you?

*If you happen to run into higher ranked demons, follow the fair folk guidelines and be courteous. However, they are a bit more irrational so look for exit strategies for emergencies.

*You can't kill a demon unless it is the original body. If it is merely a summoned body, then that piece of their spirit core simply floats back to wherever it came from and rejoins with the original. Luckily, they tend not to hold grudges so if you ever meet them again, they won't care too much. Usually.

*They can possess bodies, but only if they need to. Most of them do not simply hijack a human body for fun since a human body would be far weaker than what they usually slip into. However, if the summoner wants to be discreet, they would often find an unsuspecting human and kidnap him for the body switch. While under control of a demon, it may find it fit to modify the human body for its own uses. The body can be retaken if: the mind and soul of the human is strong enough to overthrow the demon, the demon leaves, or an exorcism can be held.

-The human, when in power again, might experience a change to their body. This usually arises from being in contact with the demon and from having the modifications made unto their body. This is usually how new magic users are created.


These beings do not have a physical body to interact with the world. Instead, they manipulate things with energy. They can also possess people like demons. They usually leave a byproduct if they hang around an area for extremely long periods of time. This is often known as ectoplasm, but this evaporates quickly into the air. They tend to hang around places that contain great amounts of mana. This tends to come from an odd flux that results in build-up, natural barriers that accumulate mana, or even places of strong emotion.

Guidelines as followed:

*Be nice, like everything else with power.

*They can be disrupted by iron, salt, running water, holy objects, Sun light, barriers and thresholds, and magical spells deal heavy damage to them since they do not have a physical body to shield them from the purifying raw energy it can emit.

*They make up for being vulnerable by either being very strong or very sneaky.

*Possession is possible for them. However, unless they are very skilled and powerful, they tend to not be too strong in other persons bodies and can easily be driven out. The main point of this would be that they can possess other objects and simply throw it at any enemies they find.

*Unlike the more temperamental fair folk and demons, they tend to be pleasant. However, if they happen to run into a ball of negative emotions, they can easily be affected by it and turn cruel themselves. Also, like always, there are some exceptions that simply start out mean.


To be honest, the only reason why this section exists is to say that there are usually things outside of the classification mentioned above. One such race would be dragons. The dragon race certainly does not fall under the previously mentioned sects. Another would be things like unicorns or a basilisk. It is not as if one purposely remembers every living thing on the planet. Average humans haven't even found everything on the planet. So, like always, try to stay safe.