The Problem with Ryou

"DONCHA WISH YOUR BOYFRIEND WAS HOT LIKE ME!?" Ryou Milton-Edouard sang as he slapped a wet sponge onto his father's blue Mustang. His identical twin brother, Toshiro had to avoid looking into his eyes for fear of catching that lust filled look.

"Ryou are you gay?" Toshiro asked his brother. Toshiro moved his white blonde hair out of his aquamarine eyes.

Ryou snickered and threw his sponge at his brother. "I'm so straight, I'm practically gay. Wait that doesn't make sense..." Ryou bit his lip in thought.

Toshiro caught the sponge as it hit him right in the chest. Now his white wife-beater was drenched. Toshiro spied the hose and watched as his brother opened the driver's door. "Ew, Ryou, why'd you pee yourself?"
Ryou looked down at his pants, which Toshiro had soaked with the hose. Right between his legs, there was a giant wet spot. It was especially noticable with his brown khaki shorts. "The little monkey within me wants to soak you with the bucket of water, but the nice person within me wants to get within this ride." Ryou slid into the car. His eyes landed on the keys.

"Ryou, just clean in there. Do not start the car." Toshiro stressed every syllable in his sentence. Ryou and Toshiro may have been identical, but Ryou was a ticking trouble time-bomb. Ryou was always breaking things and stirring up trouble. While Toshiro on the other hand, was every parent's dream child. Aside from the fact that he was a spoiled brat.

"Yeah yeah, Mr. Cosby." Ryou opened the compartment in the passenger's side and pulled out a white cloth and a bottle of 'new car' scented spray. Ryou spritzed the cloth and began to lovingly dust the dashboard.

Toshiro moved to the front of the car, occasionally training his eyes on Ryou. Maybe Ryou was really going to clean the car without doing something stupid. Toshiro looked behind him to see the spotlessly white garage with glass windows. Toshiro had cursed that garage multiple times, it was his mother's prized house possession. They had the nicest garage on the street. Inside and out.

"RYOU!" Toshiro yelled, pounding the hood of the blue car. "WHAT DID I TELL YOU!?" Toshiro's heart hammered against his ribs, pounding out it's objection. Toshiro licked his lips and looked around the house to make sure no one was witnessing this under-age driver in the car.

"I'm taking the car for a spin, Rupaul. You're either with me, or against me." Ryou eyes darkened at the last three words. His left hand gripped the steering wheel, and there was an evil smirk on his face.
"Ryou, if you don't get out of the car, I'm calling the cops." Toshiro threw the sponge onto the windshield. He touched his chest for a dramatic effect. "And that Rupaul crack hurt my feelings."
"COVER GIRL! PUT THE BASE IN YOUR WALK!" Ryou yelled as the car lurched forward.

"MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" Toshiro screamed. He was curled up against the garage door waiting for Ryou to kill him. One aquamarine eye popped open to see Ryou dying of laughter within the Mustang. "Muhhmayy!" Ryou mimicked. "Toshiro, just get in the car."
Toshiro's face was burning as he opened the door on the passenger's side. "It's not that I hate you, but I hate you." Toshiro hissed.

Ryou tilted his head and gave his brother a big grin. Toshiro and Ryou were identical in every physical aspect. The same hair, same eyes, same crooked grin, and even the same birthmark. "Ready?"
"Can we just get this over with? I don't want your dad to burst outside and see us pulling out of the driveway." Toshiro said closing his eyes and looking up into heaven. His hands were even clasped together like he was praying.

"Put it in drive, dummy." Ryou nudged his brother.

Toshiro looked at the dashboard. "What is this even called?" He asked giggling. There were a few options. P, D, R, and a few other letters. P must stand for park, D for drive, and R for reverse. Easy enough, Toshiro thought.

"C'mon, John McCain, we don't have all day." Ryou fired off. He adjusted the mirror, and brushed a few strands of his white blonde hair away from his eyes. He grinned at his reflection and Toshiro half-expected him to say 'Hey, Sexy'.

"First it was Bill Cosby, then Rupaul, now John McCain? I hope you know were iden-" Toshiro started.

"SHUT UP!" Ryou screamed. He slapped his hand over his brother's mouth. Of couse, Toshiro followed suite and licked his open palm. Then Ryou retracted his hand like it had been burned. "PUT IT IN REVERSE ALREADY!"
Toshiro kept Ryou's intense gaze and just slapped the car into what he thought was reverse. Toshiro had slapped the car into drive instead. "Go already!" Toshiro slapped Ryou's arm which was left bare because of his own wife-beater.

Ryou foot slammed down on the gas, and the boys shot right through the garage.

Right clean through the garage. Ryou didn't even stop halfway. The car surged right through the garage, like Ryou had parked himself within the garage. There was a HUGE hole right through the garage door. Toshiro felt his stomach drop along with the remaining pieces of the garage.
"RYOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Toshiro screamed. He lept out of the car and took a few steps back to examine the Mustang. The windshield was cracked, and the blue hood of the car was dented.

Ryou was frozen within the car, a grim look on his face. "T-t-toshiro! We've gotta f-fix it!" He got out of the car and touched the hood of the car. "LOOK AT HIS CAR!"
Toshiro grabbed Ryou's shoulders. "HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO FIX IT!?" Toshiro screamed into his brother's face. "We were supposed to wash the damn car, and we destroyed the garage door and your dad's car."
Ryou swallowed and looked around the garage. His eyes traveled to the blue Mustang, then to the garage door, then to the cracked windshield. "Do you think they'll notice?"

Doncha love Ryou? Ryou and Toshiro are two characters from my story, BROKEN MIRRORS. If you like this, then you have to check out the story. This is something that happened to my mom and my brother before I was born, and I was just laughing when I heard it. Please rate and review!