I can't draw you (I am no artist.).
I can only, use words, on paper.

I can say your eyes are brown,
and boring. and every time I find them,
running up and down my body,
I am thrilled.

your hair is dark brown. (and I still think
you dyed it. during that 6 month gap,
where we didn't talk)

you are tall(ish). 5'10 or more.
I know this because kissing you,
hurts my neck, after a while.

you are thin. I am thin.
when we are together, we do not eat.
(we would both be denied, health insurance.)

you are, baby faced. I am baby faced.
when we are together, we look 17.
(and no, this is not funny.)

I cannot paint you, or love you (for real).
I can promise you nothing. yet I still get sad,
when you don't call me, for days on end.