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So this is like a pilot story, which means I'm going to see how people react to it, which will depend on if I continue. Be warned it does contain incest and quite a big age gap, so please no flames.

"Hey Hun" Stephanie entered the house finding her brother in his boxers, eating cereal, watching the Discovery channel.

"Hey sis'"

"What's goin' on? Where's mom?" she asked dropping her keys on the table and taking a seat next to Hunter on the leather couch.

"She's upstairs." He answered while crunching the corn flakes in his mouth.

"Can you chew before you talk please?" She smirked. Hunters' cheek gave a slight blush but tried covering his embarrassment by sticking his tongue coated in now mush at his sister.

"Oh, gross, grow up!" Stephanie laughed shoving her brother.

"Stephanie is that you?" their mothers voiced echoed.

"Yeah mom!" she listened as her moms footsteps thudded upstairs and then watched as she descended down to greet her.

"Hi, honey what are you doing here?" Stephanie got up to embrace her mom.

"I don't have work for a couple days and Aarons out of town for business, so I thought I'd come by and see how everyone's doing. Why? Is it a bad time?"

"No, no of course not it's just a surprise that's all. I mean I'm heading out right now but I'll be back later." Stephanie mentally frowned.

"Oh okay, well I guess I'll hang here then." she shrugged.

Their mother gave a quick kiss goodbye to her kids, then grabbed her purse and left. Stephanie turned back to her brother.

"So what are you doing today?"

"You're looking at it," Hunter shrugged. Stephanie rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her turquoise tank top. That's something Hunter always loved about his sister. She always wore bright colors against her toffee skin. It just made her glow. He was sorry that they were only half siblings because his pale skin failed in comparison. In fact he was jealous of most of his sisters features looking at them you wouldn't know they were even related. Hunter had deep emerald blue eyes, pasty white skin, and dark curly blond hair, not to mention a set of dimples which made him look young for being almost 16. Whereas Stephanie's darker features where a lot more defined on account that she was almost thirty.

"Come on! Let's go do something." Hunter groaned and looked over at his older sister.

"Where's Aaron? Why don't you go bother your boyfriend?" he whined. Stephanie scoffed at his question.

"Geeze I thought maybe my brother would want to go do something fun with his sister since I never see you. When did you become so lazy?" Stephanie said looking down at her brother. She couldn't believe his attitude. She had been there when he was born; even as a kid he always had so much energy. Puberty must be making him lazy she thought idly.

"Uhh fine, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know we could go to a movie and lunch or something, I'll pay. Or I could teach you how to drive some more?" Stephanie suggested. Hunter thought about this, it beat sitting in his boxers all day watching reruns.

"Yeah, okay."

Stephanie may be older then Hunter but he had already surpassed her in height and was still growing. Stephanie noticed this as they made there way into the theatre after letting Hunter drive them.

"When did you get so gosh darn tall?" she said after grabbing onto his arm. Hunter smiled down at his sister.

"When did you get so 'gosh darn' short?" he teased. Stephanie put on a fake pouty face.

"Hey!" Hunter chuckled at this but then stopped when he saw a familiar face across the lobby.

"Shit!" he mutterd under his breath. Stephanie looked up at him in concerned.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing come on lets go." He mumbled leading his sister towards the assigned theatre but not before Stephanie followed his gaze to a cute blonde standing with a boy and a girl.

"Who's that?" Stephanie leaned in and whispered.

"Nobody Steph just drop it." His harsh tone made her shut up. It appeared that this girl had hurt him somehow and she didn't like that all. She felt guilty all of a sudden. Guilty that she hadn't been around more to know what was going on. She tried to come down as often as she could it's just that she was always busy and Aaron always wanted to do something. Thinking about it, that last time she had seen her mom and brother was almost a month ago.

"Hey" Stephanie looked at Hunter, "Sorry I didn't mean to snap at you it's just-"

"No, it's fine, it's not that." She looked around the theatre, "Where do you want to sit?" Hunter looked at the semi-filled theatre.

"Let's sit in the back."

"Okay… oh hey we didn't get any snacks, I'll go get us some, what do you want?"

"Um just popcorn and a drink or something, thanks." Hunter was grateful she didn't ask him to go with her; she knew he didn't want to go back out there.

Stephanie let go of her brother and walked back out to the food counter. As she waited in line she glanced around to see if that girl was still here.

"Hi" Stephanie turned around startled, before her was the petite blond with the girl she was with earlier, the boy nowhere in sight. Up close the blond looked to be about her brothers' age. The short jean shorts and practically see through low cut shirt was a dead give away that she was an adolescent girl trying to look older. Her eyes were a dull blue and she had freckles. Her friend had short frizzy brown hair and wore a similar outfit on that instead of shorts she was wearing a skirt and a too tight black t shirt.

"Um, hello" an unsettling feeling overcame her. She didn't like these girls, she didn't know why but she didn't.

"I'm Lexis and this is Megan" the girl introduced.

"I'm Stephanie." They stood there awkwardly until the line began to move up. She noticed the exchanged eye glances between the girls.

"So, um, what are you seeing?"

"uh, the Hangover." She gave a small smile.

"Oh, so are we!" Lexis exclaimed. Uh-oh, that's not good, she knew Hunter wouldn't like this.

"So…" Stephanie watch as the girls looked at each other again. "You know Hunter?" Stephanie's' eyes immediately narrowed.


"So are you like, with him?" Stephanie knew what the girls were trying to ask. Her brother was always being mistaken for her boyfriend, even when her actual boyfriend was with her everyone assumed her boyfriend was her brother because they looked more alike then her and her brother did. So she played innocent to the question.

"Yeah" was all she could answer. Because technically she was "with" him as brother and sister going to a movie. Let them think what they want; maybe even make whoever this girl is jealous. If Hunter was trying to get with this Lexis person then he could correct her assumptions.

"Oh," was all Lexis replied.

"So how do you know Hunter is he like your babysitter?" Stephanie asked innocently. She knew that last part was a low blow but she didn't appreciate these girls prying for information. She knew exactly what they were trying to do.

"Oh, no," they replied giggling no doubt trying to hide the humiliating blow to their egos.

"We go to school with him." Megan said.

"How did you two meet?" Lexis asked bluntly and a bit harshly. Stephanie raised an eye at her. While Megan gave her a look.

"Oh, well we've know each other forever." Stephanie smiled at her shrewdness of not giving too much away. She peeked back to the front of the line to see that she was next. "Okay well it was nice meeting you guys." She smiled with fake enthusiasm.

"Tell Hunter I said-well we said hi."

"Mmhm okay then."

Stephanie ordered and got her food. A jumbo sized popcorn and drink for them to share. She hurried back to the theatre as so to beat the girls. When she got into the theatre the previews had already started. She had to squint her eyes as she looked towards the back of the seats. She spotted Hunter a couple rows from the back in the center. She made it up to him and sat down.

"Thanks," Hunter whispered grabbing the popcorn as Stephanie put the drink in the holder on the other side of Hunter. She lifted the hand rest to lie on his shoulder. Hunter was use to his sisters' affectionate ways, she had always been like this, not just with him but with all the people she was close to. He thought it was just how all girls acted. So he automatically lifted his arm to wrap around her shoulder oblivious that to the two girls who just walked into the theater were staring at him with bitter faces. Stephanie had been watching the entrance as the girls walked in. She giggled at the faces Lexis and Megan were making.

"What are you laughing at?" Hunter whispered into her ear. Stephanie just shook her head and looked to the screen.

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