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It had been about a month since she had been to her moms' house. Stephanie had been correct in assuming Aaron was going to propose. Not knowing what had come over her she gave him a yes. It must have been the beautiful restaurant mixed with the wine that had made it so easy for the word to slip off here tongue. Her mom had been ecstatic when she called her to tell her the news. The week following, her mom had called her to ask if she was coming to Thanksgiving dinner which Stephanie declined since she was going out of town to Aaron's parents' house to celebrate. Her mother was disappointed but understood.

"We'll you're at least celebrating Hunters Birthday with us right?" she begged her daughter.

"I don't know mom," Stephanie sighed. As much as she loved her brother it was really awkward being around him after he touched her like that. She had done a good job suppressing the memory but being around him would just remind her that he pretty much groped her in front of all his little friend. Given, he was tipsy maybe even drunk. She tried not to dwell on her emotions; it shouldn't be such a big deal. But the week after she couldn't stop thinking about it.

"Stephanie, come on he's your brother, he wants you there. I want you there! You haven't been over here in forever! You can even bring Aaron if you want."

"Mom, I just have a lot of stuff to do, it's not like I won't call him." She said trying for a lame excuse.

"Hunny, it's just going to be the two of us if you don't come. Hunter said he only wanted a family birthday, you are family and all he has is us." Her mom was starting to sound desperate.

"Alright mom, I guess I'll go," Stephanie agreed. If Hunter said he wanted her there then he was probably past their little mishap. If he was over it she should be too. Besides, she missed her family.

"Thank you Stephanie, it means a lot."

So it was that conversation that lead to Stephanie walking into her mother's home, fiancé at hand.

"Oh, I'm so glad you guys are here!"

"We're happy to be here Karen," Aaron responded hugging Stephanie's mother.

"Oh Aaron, you are family call me mom," she said giving him a wink.

"Will do, mom" he smiled.

"Where's Hunter?" Stephanie asked noticing her brother wasn't there.

"He's up in his room I believe. You should go say hi." Stephanie looked to Aaron letting him know she'd be right back. She slowly ascended the stairs to Hunters' room, lightly tapping on the door.

"Come in," Hunter called out. Stephanie entered finding her brother rummaging through his clothes for a shirt. He turned his head and she could see he felt awkward by the way his muscles tensed up.

"Hey," Stephanie tried at a smile.

"Hey… thanks for coming," he replied mirroring her own look.

"Well it is your birthday… happy birthday!" she said lamely.

"Yeah, thanks" he smiled and then shifted before deciding to try giving his sister a hug. At first she was taken aback, but then willingly hugged him back. She felt the tension release a bit under his smooth skin.

"Come on, let's go eat I think dinners ready." Stephanie turned to head out the door.

"Wait-" Hunter blurted, reaching out for her.

"What?" she asked surprised.

"Well, I just wanted to apologize, for you know—everything, I don't know what I was thinking it was rude of me to use you and I took it too far."

Stephanie smiled at her brother; he was so cute when he was nervous.

"Hey," she said getting him to meet her eyes, "just don't worry about it okay?"

"Thanks Steph, I was really worried you hated me." He said with a timid smile.

"What! I could never hate you Hunter. Yeah I was mad but I will always love you, you know that." She smiled kindly.

Hunter, for the first time that night, genuinely looked happy.

"Yeah, I love you too." He replied throwing on a T-shirt.

"Good, now let's get downstairs before mom talks Aarons ear off," Steph laughed.

"Aaron's here?" Hunter asked quizzically.

"Yeah, didn't mom tell you?" Steph questioned landing on the bottom step.

"No," Hunter mumbled.

They entered the kitchen to find Aaron setting the table while their mom set out an array of Italian food, Hunters favorite.

"Hey birthday boy!" Aaron smiled ruffling the top of Hunters head.

"Hey," Hunter deadpanned, but then gave a polite smile when he saw his sister looking disapprovingly at him. "Thanks for coming," he said halfheartedly.

"Yeah of course kid, I almost couldn't make it but I got someone to take my place to go meet our new investees in New York.

"Great," was all Hunter could muster.

It's not that Hunter didn't like Aaron, he was nice and all, it's just he treated him like a 12 year old boy. His sister never treated him like that. She was always loving and caring, but never belittling. It pissed Hunter off but he played nice for his sisters' sake.

"Well guys, let's eat!" Karen announced.

They took their seats at the dining room table, hunter across from his mother and Steph across from Aaron. They chatted awhile about the food and work when Aaron's cell phone went off. Aaron checked the caller I.D. and asked if he could take it.

"Of course babe," Stephanie granted.

"So Hunter," Karen started, "Where's Jacob been lately?"

Hunter froze up for a second but regained his composure, "I don't know mom, around?" he shrugged.

Stephanie looked curiously at her brother but he avoided her gaze by shoving spaghetti into his mouth. She figured it was probably weird between the two knowing that Jacob had an infatuation with her. Jacob was he only one who knew that she was Hunters sister, she didn't think it would have ruined their friendship. Stephanie made a note to ask him about it later.

"This food is delicious mom," Hunter smiled.

"I'm glad you like it hunny." Their mom beamed forgetting the previous topic.

"Yeah mom, this is really good thank you for cooking," Steph agreed.

"Well I like cooking for children who appreciate it," she laughed. "Steph, I'm going to open a bottle of wine would you like a glass?"

"Sure mom thanks."

"Can I have a glass too?" Hunter asked simply.

Karen stared at him with a smirk, and then looked at her daughter who just shrugged.

"Alright, one glass because it's your birthday, got it?" she sighed in defeat.

Stephanie and Hunter looked at each other and giggled.

Just as the wine glasses were being set, Aaron came back in with a somber look.

"What's going on Aaron?" Stephanie inquired.

"That was work; I guess the guy they got to replace me can't go because his wife just went into labor. So I need to be on the next plane out of here."

Steph looked at her mom and brother sadly, "Okay well I guess we should head out so I can drive you to the airport."

"No, no Steph, you enjoy your brother's birthday."

"But we can't just leave my car at the airport."

"I can drive you later to get it Steph," Hunter piped in.

"You don't have you license."

"Yeah-actually I got it last week." Hunter said timidly. Stephanie was taken back by this; she couldn't believe that she didn't know this. It made her feel like such a bad sister. Stephanie looked directly at Hunter; she could see the pleading look in his face. Honestly, she wanted to stay too.

"Yeah that'll work babe, I'm sorry but I have to leave." He announced to everyone. After hugs were exchanged Aaron left.

"Well I guess neither of you are having wine." Karen laughed. Both Hunter and his sister glared at their mom.

"Hey Steph?" Hunter smiled mischievously.


"You wanna spend the night?" He asked giving a small wink.

"Yeah!" Steph smiled and they both chuckled at their moms' now glaring face. "Wine for us!" Steph cheered.

Hunter laughed; he loved that his sister could be silly. He did feel like just because she was older than him he had to act mature all the time, she never judged him.

"Fine," Karen smiled, rolling her eyes.

Dinner went by and it was time for cake and presents. Hunter blew out his candles wishing he could be this happy every day. After cleaning, they all went upstairs where the siblings said good night to their mom.

""Hey can I borrow a shirt and boxers to sleep in?"

"Yeah," Hunter said and tossed Steph an oversized T and blue boxers, "I'm gunna go take a quick shower."


When he came back Steph was already snuggled in bed asleep. He watched her, relieved that she was talking to him again. He climbed into bed and turned the light off. He faced his sister and could slightly make out the lines of her face in the dim lit room.

"Night Steph, thanks for coming to my birthday." He whispered, and gave her a kiss on the forehead, resting back on his own pillow and closed his eyes.

Stephanie smiled and snuggled closer to her brother. "Night Hunter," she mumbled. Hunter smiled and they both fell asleep.

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