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The Order: Tale of Basil

Chapter One: The beginning


May 26, 2009 2:15 PM

In the state of Colorado, the temperature was simply boiling. Trees wilted, eggs fried on the side walk, the water evaporated before it could reach a person's throat. On this particular day, at this particular time, a certain school was eager and waiting to be let out. The reason they wanted to be let loose upon the desert the world had become? It was the last day for them.


In room S-54, a loud crack coming from a ruler resounded across the school, made by the teacher slapping a school kid's desk. The boy simply rose a few inches looked at the teacher, and said, "Yes?"

"Please write the answer on the board," said the teacher.

"Ok," the child said, rising from his seat, quickly scampering to the board to write the answer, and just as quickly sitting down.

The particular school kid seemed normal enough, messy hair, few blotches across his pale face, glazed eyes that never seemed to connect with yours, and a bit pudgy. However, his mind was often commented on by the staff and students. At points, he seemed to be a pure genius, knowing the material before the teachers could get a word out, but other times, he seemed to know nothing. Historical facts, basic etiquette, peer's names and other such conventions were simply not there. Then there was the matter of his actions, mostly sleeping, looking down, ignoring, and simple daydreaming, and when he talked, if ever, the monotone voice seemed to do various effects, mostly putting the person on the other end under a pessimistic cloud. The school eventually decided that the boy was a dreary, underachieving, lazy, and simply out of touch individual.

2:30 PM

As the bell rang, the students rushed outside to meet their mode of transportation, their buses, their cars, their parents, whatever they had for transportation. All that were left were a few stragglers, three in particular.

One was the boy from before, wearing a jacket, in stifling hot weather, and khaki pants. The second was another boy, wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. The last was a girl, wearing a plaid dress.

The t-shirt boy and dress wearing girl were a couple, very much in love, who met during a class. They were both very smart and got along together quite well. They had different tastes, but the best couples do. However, their behavior could probably be described as 'sickeningly sweet.'

As to why they were behind with the boy in the jacket, it was simply to convince him to come along.

"Come on," the girl said, "Daniel is giving us free drinks, aren't you?" The girl looked to her other with a pouting type face.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna buy your drinks already, sheesh, but really, you should come. Me, Molly, and everyone else is coming, why not you?" asked the boy known as Daniel.

The boy in the jacket looked at Daniel and Molly, gave them a questioning look, and asked, "Why?" He then resumed staring at the tile floor, as if something dreadfully interesting was occurring beneath his feet.

"Because it would be fun!!" Molly enthusiastically said.

They both began to drag the boy with them, urging him towards the exit. The boy in full defiance, struggled to sit back down, eventually, the boy gave up and walked with them.

The boy once again asked, "Why?"

"Because you need the light, I mean, what else you are going to do for the rest of the summer?" Daniel asked.

"But why me?" inquired the boy?

"Because you are our friend," Molly said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"No, I'm not, we are at best acquaintances," said the boy plainly.

"Too bad, we're dragging you along, and we are going to get you to have fun," Daniel.

"Fun, friendship, happiness, they don't really exist," said the boy, turning around in the other direction. Is it a wonder why he was voted most depressing?

As the boy walked away, Daniel muttered, "That kid always seems so negative, wonder what happened?"

As Molly was about to answer, the boy returned saying, "I thank you for your hospitality, but please leave me alone, it will be for the best."

The boy walked off, towards his house they suspected, they didn't really know since no one had ever seen his house before. Molly said, "Maybe he just has a bad family situation?"

"Maybe Basil is just like that, I mean, everyone is a bit crazy," Daniel said.

"Yeah, hey wait, are you calling me crazy?" Molly demanded.

Daniel smiled, hugged his girlfriend and replied, "The craziest."

August 21, 2009

Nobody ever saw Basil come to the first day of school. He wasn't ever heard from again. The best and only answer anybody got was that he moved away.

December 21, 2012 10:00 AM

It was an awfully cold day in Colorado, but unlike the many doomsday speakers, it wasn't the end of the world, although there was some anxiety in the air. As the students of the nearby schools endured, whispering to themselves that it was only a few more hours till the end of their semester. Other students were grinding their teeth due to the jealously of the other schools already being let out. The rest of the student population were enjoying themselves in their houses, since snow has yet to fall.

A skinny teenage boy, looking no more than 16, maybe even younger, walked to an empty field outside a school. He was clothed in a sort of grayish robe/cloak, ragged and torn at the extremities. The cloak's hood hid his face, but if you ever looked closely enough, you could see a glint of what looked like glasses. You couldn't tell much at all by how he looked, but you can feel that he wasn't the sort of person to stop and chat with.

Surrounding him were 4 little girls, probably no more than 8-10, dressed appropriately for the weather. The girls could be best described as looking like dolls. They were dressed in what looked to be very fine clothes that seemed to be crafted and matched right for them. A girl dressed in brown walked to the boy, asking him in a sort of French accent, "Should we draw the circles?"

The boy, looking at the girl, nodded. The girls scattered, withdrew a piece of chalk from a bag they were all carrying, and began to write down intricate lines. People paid them no mind as little kids were characteristically known to draw strange things everywhere.

12:00 PM

The world's calm was instantly shattered. Out of nowhere, odd looking marks appeared on the very air, it looked as though a person attacked that space with a hammer. The cracks in the air grew and grew until it was about three feet in diameter, then it shattered, opening what seemed to be a foreboding passage way to… something. The world seemed to be holding in one last breath, something was coming, they were sure of it.

When all seemed to be calm, the world relaxed. Then creatures made of what seemed to be smoke came from the cracks. They moved swiftly and quietly over any obstacle, while others marched and plowed right through. The creatures seemed to be either a bleached white color or dyed pitch black.

Some people tried to strike at the creatures out of fear with baseball bats, guns, so on. They seemed to connect, but the creatures simply kept moving, like the assailants didn't pay them attention.

People started to hide themselves away in their homes, hoping that the creatures would go away. Some prayed, some cursed, others just sat there with their heads between their knees, hoping for some kind of savior. Suddenly, people appeared in a flash of light. They stared down at the creatures, and then they wrapped themselves in a beautiful glow. After the light show, they emerged, in odd dress and garments, some in armor, some in intricately patterned clothes, others in hooded clothing, but most importantly they looked as though they were prepared for war. They started to attack the horde, repelling them.

Gigantic screens of light appeared out of nowhere, all in places that had a significant population. All electronic devices that could project moving scenes were tuned to the same channel. The world watched as their screens seemed to inform them of what was happening by various people, for the North American public, an old man of about 80 was talking to them.

"Greetings one and all. Do not be alarmed by the appearance of the visitors or the revelation of our troops, please just go to your houses for you will be safe there, if you want to be informed, any sort of media device will do," the old man said, "If you have no home, ask to be invited in to a place, or simply go to a public structure like the library or other places."

The public quickly scrambled to their houses, or anything they called a place to live. They bordered up the doors and instantly turned on the T.V. where the old man was still talking.

"Now if I can have your attention, let me inform you of what is going on. For starters, these apparitions you see are beings that you want to run away from. They can be hurt by your weapons, but you better leave the fighting to us. This means that I don't care who you are, a military man or a high class spell-caster, you do not interfere. Come to think of it, I just gave away a few hundred years of magic secrecy, so sorry about that.

"Secondly, we are The Order. We have existed for many years, helping all of you, but always behind closed doors. And, we are dead, mostly. Our Order is simply a collection souls who want to move on, seeing this the best way to do it, others are the moved on who wish to help, but don't try asking them whether or not your religion is right, they can't remember. Some of us are even alive, and they are the ones that are going to be speaking to you all since it would be scary for dead people to talk to others.

"All you need to now right now is that we divided the world up into sectors. The enemy, known as the Remnants, want to obtain our humble Earth. In retaliation, we have mobilized our men and women to combat the enemy in each sector.

"Now, if you want specifics as to why these malevolent creatures are here, you best speak to your local representative or representatives. Also, in case you like to know whether or not to evacuate, your media device will instantly display images of what's going on for your viewing pleasure. Now please, let's all try to stay alive."

With that, the old man disappeared, to be replaced by a live showing of what was going on. In some places, there were whole groups attacking these creatures while other places had as little as one person assaulting vast hoards of the creatures, such as a particular town in Colorado.

In that particular town in Colorado, people saw an aerial view of the boy in the cloak, simply just standing there and avoiding the attacks like it was all in slow motion. Try as the enemy smoke attempted, the boy simply weaved in and out, not moving a budge. Occasionally his arms swiftly blurred at the screen, resulting in a slow motion shot revealing a dagger and the enemy flying, but other than that, he really didn't do much. As observers continued to be tuned in, they noticed the fog like creatures getting slower and slower, eventually they stopped moving at all.

The boy surveyed the area, and came to each and every creature, stabbing down with his dagger, causing them to disperse. Amazingly, he didn't walk to the creatures; he slid and skated to each one by sliding around on the ice that seemed to form below his bare feet. As soon as he was done, a loud sound radiated from the sky, a similar pattern of the cracks spreading until it burst open, and then a gigantic humanoid creature fell, seemingly made of the same stuff as the creatures before him.

The enemy howled and roared until he finally looked down upon the boy. He stared at the boy barely coming to his chest. Finally he asked, "Are you the Keeper of this land?"

The boy made a brief nod.

"I am the leader of the first wave, tremble before me mere puppet, for I shall defeat thee!!" The creature said in a booming voice.

The boy held out his hand. The hand began to become wrapped in a glow of unfamiliar drawings and runes. The boy said, "Duel."

The giant stared, then laughed as he said, "I agree, but only if you best my greatest warriors of 50." He then snapped his fingers and 50 odd beings dropped from the sky.

The boy stared and said, "5 minutes?"

"Be my guest," announced the giant.

The boy walked to a field out of the way, withdrew a sort of pocket watch, and through an odd sort of combinations, created an hourglass made of pure light. He walked back and announced, "We start…now."

The glowing sand in the hourglass began to fall, and the boy skated around on the paths of ice, attacking the Remnants. The enemy tried to fight back, but, before they could respond, the boy seemed to jump, dodge, weave, spin, and slide right around their attack and continued with his assault. It was, in all honesty, a wonderful show. The boy was simply astounding as he flowed in and out of the enemy's way. The enemy was just making a fool out of themselves as they tried to even hurt the boy. Once, the enemy launched what seemed to be a glowing ball of light towards the boy; the boy seemed to absorb it into his daggers and spun around, launching a wave of energy back to the horde. The teenager then stopped and said, "I'm done playing." He pointed to the ground underneath the enemy, who were all in a little bunch, and they saw an intricate circular pattern carved into the ground made with the boy's dagger when he was dodging all of the attacks. The enemy, realizing this, tried to get out of the circle, but it was too late as the pattern began to glow, swirl, and create a sort of barrier keeping them in. The enemy was lost to a sea of glowing orbs that appeared and ripped them to shreds within the barrier. When it was all done, the enemy was frozen within a sort of structure, all except for one that happened to be out of the area.

The last one was suddenly bound by what seemed to be strings from the air, yanked towards the boy, and stopped right in front of him. The boy held out a hand towards the creature, and right before its throat, stopped. The creature, at first puzzled, began to struggle, his cough and sputters sounded as though it was chocking. The creature was surrounded by a glowing light that radiated from his body. The light was flowing into the boy's outstretched hands and into his own body. They boy didn't even look at the dying creature as he stared at the giant across the way. The creature finally stopped sputtering, and was still, as the color seemed to be draining from his face. The boy relaxed his arm, let it fall to the side, as the creature fell to the ground, its smog like body disappearing. The hourglass finally made a sound, the 5 minutes were up.

The giant clapped as he walked to the boy. He stretched his hand as he said, "Ok, we can duel now."

The boy followed suit, and the hands met to a hand shake. The field they were standing on was suddenly surrounded by a dome of light. The dome rose to the sky, taking the occupants with them. The dome finally settled about 50 feet up, as the world tuned to the show.

The area once again turned their heads to the boy and the giant. It seemed out matched, thought many, how could a boy be challenging that monstrosity? Clearly they never read a certain bible story.

"What are we betting on?" The giant asked.

"Two months," said the boy.

"No, make it a week," The giant demanded.

"How about one month?"

"…Fine, but what counts as winning?" asked the giant.

"Until the winner has incapacitated the enemy," stated the boy.

"Fine by me," said the Giant.

The combatants walked to the opposite side of the dome, turned and faced each other. There was a loud, gong like noise, and the giant charged the boy. The boy simply slid to the side as the giant missed him by a hair. The giant rebounded off the side of the walls and charged again. This time, the boy simply ducked and poked the giant at various areas; the pokes seemed to insert a glowing ball into the body of the giant. This continued until the giant no longer seemed to be able to move. The giant looked at the boy with a curious face. Then he realized something, and grinned.

"Ah, you can do that? Well bad news for you, because I know how to fix this"

The giant then seemed to glow with a brilliant light, and when it was over, he was behaving normally again.

"You are a flow blocker based spellcaster. I can tell, the posture, the movements, definitely a flow blocker. Well too bad for you because I happen to be very good at clearing out the mana pores," the giant said smugly, "You can not win."

The giant was then assaulted by what seems to be like crescent-shaped waves of energy. The boy separated his dagger into two blades and quickly started to fire them off. They were colored red and blue, where the red ones hit, seemed to light the area on fire, the blue ones froze.

Eventually the giant charged for the boy, who again dodged, but this time, firmly stabbing at a joint. The creature howled in pain as the boy continued. The giant tried to fight back again, but each time, the boy used the momentum of his enemy to fuel a counter-attack. Over time, the boy reduced the giant to a bloody mess, the boy wasn't even sweating.

"You think you have won? Well think again!!" the giant was once again enveloped in light. As they died down, the giant had swirling runes across his skin. His hands and feet were surrounded by a sort of crystallized light, like the hourglass the boy made before, shaped in a form of elephant like feet. Near the center of his chest, there was a floating orb formed out of many keyhole shapes. Within the orb was a crystal that seemed to be connected to the orb via lines of light.

"Soul Drive? This early, you must be desperate," said the boy mockingly.

"Maybe, but with my accelerated power, I will crush you!!"

The giant pounded the floor, causing shockwaves to target the boy. The boy jumped into the air and used some of the ropes he created to hold him in the sky. As the tremors calmed down, he skated back to the giant and targeted stress points in the giant. As the giant retaliated, the boy dodged and weaved through the blows and struck at the giant. Soon, the battle returned to the boy.

After awhile, the boy stopped and said, "I'm bored." He snapped his fingers and ropes bound the giant. The restraints turned the giant towards the boy, who began sliding towards the behemoth, daggers grinding against the ice he made. He put his hand towards the locks on the orb, and began breaking them.

The giant, surprised, said, "You are a soul stealer!"

The boy gave a brief nod and continued to work. Eventually, the last lock fell and the giant's face was adorned with something close to fear for a brief second. This was replaced by a cocktail of rage and desperation as he flailed around, trying to break free.

"There's no escaping," the boy said, right before one of the rope-like tendrils broke and the giant's hand became free. The boy quickly surrounded his head with his arms and attempted to soften the incoming blow. The hit managed to toss him a few feet away. The boy managed to regain his posture as more ropes bound the hand of the giant. The boy's hood revealed a face that is similar to, but not quite resembling the boy earlier in the story.

"What is your name?" The boy asked.

The giant said, "Astaroth"

"My name is Basil," Basil whispered before he pulled the floating crystal from the lines that seemed to link it to Astaroth. The enemy turned pale as the lights from the eyes died away. Basil stabbed the corpse and it dissipated to the winds. The dome they were in floated down to its original spot. He sat on the frozen pathways he created and stared at the crystal, few moments later he twisted and turned the crystal like a Rubik's Cube. The crystal unraveled to show a small glowing orb. With only a moment of hesitation, he swallowed it whole.

"Master, are you ready to go?" asked the little girl from before.

"Yes, but Alissa, I though I told you. I'm not your master," Basil said.

"Of course Master."

Basil sighed, "I really hope no one recognizes me."


Ok, this is basically my second edition, made on 08/10/10. In this chapter, I planned to establish our main character and introduce some facts. What it turned into was a massive info dump with a questionable action scene. What really changed was Basil's attitude, I'm afraid the info dump has to stay. Originally, Basil came off far too cocky for my tastes and now he has been revised as a terse individual, which was the plan. To be short, this chapter sucks and I hope you like the next one better. Come to think of it, that one stinks as well, so you can skim until it gets good.

Revision as of 10/02/10

This revision focuses on mostly more streamlining. As I am so often told, info dumping is bad, and while I'm really trying to decrease the amount, I find it difficult in case there needs to be a time where the info needs to be told. However, I realize that a chapter devoted to nothing but info dumping is bad, which is why I'm finally going to put my foot down and cut out a bunch of text. Also, I'm getting rid of that telecaster idea, it was stupid.