Chapter One

"Hello?" I called. "Hello?" I didn't know how I had gotten here. In fact, I didn't even know where I was! It was dark. That was all I knew. Also, it was kind of like walking on air. When my eyes finally began to adjust, CRACK!

I whipped around, my eyes frantically searching for the sharp sound. My long hair spun around with me, though, and got in my eyes, blinding me for a moment. My hands flew to my face, brushing my hair out of my eyes. But by the time I could see again, whatever, whoever had made that noise was long gone.

I slammed my bare foot against the ground in frustration. That's weird, I thought. It's soft… what is it? Sand? No. It's softer. I knelt down and picked up a handful of it, and allowed it to run through my fingers. I did this again and again.

The ground beneath me had totally captured my attention. That is why when someone tapped on my shoulder, I screamed. A strong hand was on my mouth in an instant. The sound attempting to come out of my mouth never had a chance.

"Shhhh!" someone whispered behind me. "Do you want to wake everyone up?" I shook my head, although I didn't know just who 'everyone' was.

A small beam of light flicked on, followed by a second, smaller light. The small light was shoved into my hand, and I aimed it at the sand-like ground. "What is that?" I whispered.

"It's the ground," Came the obviously sarcastic remark. Then I realized the person behind me was trying to make me move forward.

"Point your light ahead of you, not at the ground. You might bump into something."

After walking in silence for what could have been five minutes or five hours, we (me, and the stranger behind me) came to a door.

"Shut out your light, and walk through the door. Go on." The stranger was talking a little above whispers now. It was obvious he was a guy. I shut my light out like I was told, and my hand groped around for the doorknob.

When I found it, I hesitated. "Are you sure?" I asked the stranger.

"Of course!" he said, annoyed and slightly hurt. "Have I ever let you down before?" he asked. I turned slowly to face him, and flicked my light back on. I ran it up his body from his toes to his head. He was skinny, but well built and he looked strong. He had messy jet black hair that looked odd with his gold eyes and his olive skin.

"I haven't ever met you," I began, but he laughed, and everything dissolved.

Sorry about the short chapter. This is just something that came to me. Even if it does just turn out to be just a quickie, I have big plans for these characters!