The wind howled, people screamed. Loud noises sounded throughout the room around as it fell apart around me and opened up to the thing that was supposed to be blue with white puffs, but it wasn't. It was dark. All my toys began to fly.

So was I.

I was lifted up into the air and soared with all my things. I was completely unafraid. I was having so much fun! I began to laugh, and scream with joy, as I flew away. I left my entire being behind as I soared miles away. I never got tired of wailing in the excitement. Or looking down at all the pretty colors below me. Flashes of light ripped through the sky, hurting my eyes and making me jump from their BOOM-ing.

I shrieked every animal and plant that flew passed me, screaming their names. But nobody was telling me what a good job I did, and how I was so smart. The animal's eyes seemed extra big, and they made lots of noises back at me. Too many of them jerked around when they should be having fun! But, then everything around me slowly went upwards.

No, I was going down!

I puckered my face, angry. I wanted to keep flying! "Up! Up!" I wailed. I flapped my arms back and forth, trying to fly like I'd seen all the birdies do. But I wouldn't go up. No matter how hard I tried, it would only make me go down faster, and faster.

I began crying. Mommy would hear me. She'd make me fly again. Or maybe Nana. She always makes things better. Whenever I want a new toy, she gives me one.

She can give me my flying again, too!

"Fly!" I screamed, "Fly!"

But nobody came. I screamed, but still nobody came. I went down faster yet, green things getting closer. Now I was afraid. I didn't like how everything was going so fast! The sky was blue again, dark puffs gone. I flapped my arms hard.

Finally I was slowing down. I went up again, but only a little bit. Then I was set down softly onto wet, soft, dark stuff. My eyes wouldn't open! Open, Eyes! I didn't like what I was laying on. I wanted my old bed! This stuff felt like the squishy green stuff Nana always fed me.

But, it was soft enough to sleep on. My eyes wouldn't stay up, and all the pretty colors blurred into a dark one, leaving nothing but naptime.

And I hated naptime.