SCENE 4Characters: Aliriana




(Aliriana rides her mare around the pasture with a black stallion limping behind her)

(Emorcano leans on the fence and watches Aliriana intently)


GUARD: I'm right here M' lady.

ALIRIANA: I want a competition. Anyone that can beat me in a duel on horseback gets something. They choose the prize.

GUARD: Yes M' lady.

(The guard walks over to the announcing ring and everyone comes out of their houses)

GUARD: Aliriana has set up a competition. Anyone that wants to join can. The first to beat her on a horseback duel is the winner. The victor gets to choose the prize. The competition will start in ten minutes.

(Everyone runs back into their houses to prepare to duel)

(Emorcano runs to the stables and changes into his armor)

EMORCANO'S VOICE: A chance to relieve some stress is good for me. And I wonder what I should ask for the prize to be?

(Emorcano returns to the pasture)

(Ten minutes later, everyone is waiting and the guard is taking names)

(The guard lets the first person in)

(Emorcano is next)

(The townsman gets beaten by Aliriana)

(The guard opens the gate for Emorcano)

(Emorcano mounts his horse and pulls on his helmet)

(Emorcano enters the arena)

(Aliriana rushes at Emorcano and his horse sidesteps)

(Aliriana rushes again and Emorcano smashes his fist into her stomach)

(Aliriana falls off her mare)

EMORCANO: It would only be fair and honorable for me fight on foot as well young maiden.

(Emorcano jumps off his horse and draws his sword)

(Aliriana steps foreword and slashes at Emorcano)

(Emorcano parries and trips Aliriana)

(Emorcano steps at Aliriana and holds his sword at her throat)


ALIRIANA: I yield.

(Emorcano sheathes his sword and pulls off his helmet)

(Aliriana looks startled but recovers and just gazes)

(The guards run up to Emorcano and hold spears to his chest)

(The guard captain holds his sword to Emorcano's neck

ALIRIANA: Stop! STOP! Let him go! He won the competition fair and square. Now get away from him.

(The guards lower their spears and walk back)

ALIRIANA: What do you want your prize to be?

EMORCANO: Who are you?

ALIRIANA: I am the first Sola. Now what shall your prize be grand warrior.

EMORCANO: Damn. You're the first Sola? Oh well. I want dinner.


EMORCANO: With you. When shall I come collect you for dinner?

(Aliriana walks to her horse and hops on)

ALIRIANA: Come and get me in two hours.

(Emorcano gets back on his horse and trots off to the public stables)