Susanna Rogers was a ugly girl who lived in Miami, Florida. All her life she have self-esteem issues due to her physical appearance and to make it worse, her classmates would made fun of her. Her parents would often remind her of "inner beauty" but it didn't help much and every day she would look at the fashion magazines and wonder why couldn't she be like those fashion models on the front cover But one day she would find something that would change her life. Despite that, she have been a gentle person with a good heart who would try to help anyone in need…until that fateful day.

On her way to school, she found a magic lamp on the ground. Wondering what could it be and why would someone leave what's probably an antique lying on the ground, she picked it up.

"Oh it's dusty, I'll just wipe it off" she said when suddenly a genie pops out of the lamp

"You have awakened me and for that I shall reward you with one wish and no, you can't wish for extra wish let alone infinite, seriously many other people tried that and I don't have the power to do that so don't even think about it!" said the genie

"Um, I have one, can you make me beautiful?"

"That I'll do"

Then in a flash of light, Susanna's face no longer have birthmarks on her left cheek along with the scars from bullying she received during fifth grade as well. Also her hair became long and smooth as silk while her skin became free of blemishes.

"Your wish is granted, may we meet again one day" said the genie before disappearing along with the lamp

Later in class, many of her fellow students began to notice her. Even some of the female students in the class noticed her as well.

"Is that a new girl in school?" one said

"No, I think that's Susanna"

"No really?"

Later at the cafeteria, a stereotypical jock came up to her on a table and said "Hey, wanna go out with me? In my house I have a huge T.V. set and my bed is comfortable"

"Sorry pig, I won't and besides I have to go home early or my parents will be worried"

Aghast by her sudden cold rejection, he quietly walks away and won't be seen for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile Susanna was enjoying her sudden popularity among many people including those from different grades. Once it's over, she was heading on home when she noticed several people were following her. looking back to see who it was, no one's there. Creeped out, she proceeds to walk faster when suddenly someone came and gagged her before taking her away with a help from several people. There she was dragged into the park where no one's here.

"That's for turning me down you bitch!" one of her captors yelled before kicking her

"What should we do now?" said another one of her captors

"You guys wait until I'm done with her"

Then Susanna's clothes were forcefully ripped off and then before she knew it, she's getting raped. After several minutes of forced entry, another came to take his turn on her one by one. During that time she tried to scream but the gag muffled her and let out a squeal instead. But despite her struggles, no one heard her aside from her captors.

"You should've learn not to turn me down rudely you bitch, now you will pay the price"

"What's next? If we let her go she'll tell everyone what happened"

"No need to worry, good thing I thought this one through"

Then Susanna felt a someone picking up her head and a sharp pain slashed across her throat, after that her head dropped back to the ground in a pool of blood. In her last moment, tears were streaming from her eyes as she knew what happened as everything starts to grow dark.

Few hours later her parents were worried so they call the police and search was made. Unbeknownst to them, her body was dumped somewhere in the woods were no one will find until few days later. Because her body was badly decomposed and parts of it have been eaten by animals, DNA testing was made and the identity was confirmed. Sometime after that incident, the school carried on as always while her parents would eventually divorce and her father was busted by the feds after purchasing marijuana from a Steeler's wide receiver (who would eventually get caught sometimes later). Her mother however moved to New York where she return to her job as a teacher when the school was overrun by thugs inspired by the Chechen terrorists in Beslan. She was brutally shot while being taken as a hostage and thugs ironically are the same ones who killed Susanna, they left Florida and changed their identity so no one would find them.