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"And this is why I hate LA sometimes…" the young woman groaned. She was going to the Walt Disney concert hall for her part time job as an A/V technician, but had stopped at Olvera Street to get something to eat. Finally, she heard her number and picked up her order of tostadas, and carne asada.

As she waited for it to open, she had been reading a book, but wasn't paying attention and suddenly bumped into someone. Her glasses fell and she yelped

"Ah! I'm so sorry!"

A young man gave her glasses back and smiled apologetically "I'm terribly sorry, are you okay?" She was about to respond when she noticed the young man had blonde hair, which was uncommon in Downtown Los Angeles, and he had golden eyes. "Must be wearing contacts…" But the one thing that seemed the most unusual was his stomach was very large. "Is he…?" She shook her head, "I'm okay, I'm very sorry." She said quickly. Another man appeared from behind the blonde, he had jet black hair and violet eyes "Angel is something wrong?" The blonde shook his head "No, I'm fine." The girl nodded "That's good, I'm sorry to bother you!" She hurried inside the building.

She immediately looked through her bag and looked over the book she was reading. It was supposed a little mythology book, but it described two beings exactly like the two young men. She shook her head "Probably a coincidence…"

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