Changes by Disneyluver

As my 25th birthday draws near

I think about all the changes that have happened in the past year

Last month in my living situation I had a huge change

A roommate switch happened.

Oddly enough, it has not seemed that strange.

I have dealt with death a lot this year

Surprisingly, I have not truly been reduced to tears.

Januuary I knew of two different dogs that were dying

When I heard the news that they had both passed, I broke down and the next thing I knew I was crying.

I visited my grandfather in june

Little did I know that he would pass away the next month suddenly

For my mom and her siblings, it was way too soon

I found out recently

That a coyote took my grandma's new doggie.

At the begginging of the year my brother and sister left the country

At first it was tough for me,

But I kept in contact with them through email and phone calls regularly

I had good things happen to me as well,

On my radio show, which passed it's three year mark, I had a lot of info to tell.

Both sides of my family grew by leaps and bounds,

Cousins and aunts are having babies all around.

I started a new job at petsmart in December and thought that I would hate it.

However every single weekly, I can't wait for the bus to take me to it.