Okay, I just had one of my freaky little needs to write. I know, I'm weird. But um... Hm... This story is basically pointless, but I think it's kind of pretty. The thing that inspired this story, was the fact that my grandmother died from cancer a while back, and I went off by myself to cry. But that's pretty much what happens in this story. It's short, and it makes me happy when I write, because it has a good meaning. So, enjoy my story. :D :D Review, and tell me what you think.

Under The Setting Sun


The skies painted by God himself gave my skin a glow as I lay there in the tall grass. The towering yellowing weeds tickle my nose as the chilly breeze blew through and made then dance against me. I sigh, letting the wind carry my breath and my soul away from this place. Why couldn't things be this way more often? Just sitting here, one with God and nature, away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

My body feels almost weightless as I lay there, slowly feeling the heat of the sun decrease on my flushed cheeks. Without the company of the sun, the air becomes bitterly cold, biting at my nose and fingers. But I don't care. I want to stay here as long as possible, no matter how cold it is.

My eyes flutter open as a bird sang somewhere in the distance, right before it makes it's bed for the night. I stare up at the pink and purple swirls along the horizon, mixing together like the most wonderful masterpiece on a canvas. The black outlines of the trees reach for the skies, as their leaves tremble once more in the breeze.

It's hard to believe that there was anything wrong with the world as I lay here. How could there possibly be, when everything felt so perfect right here. But I know that there are things wrong with me life; the tears that still flow silently down my eyes are proof of sorrow and grief.

But I won't think of that right now. I will only think of the happy place that my grandmother will be in within the next few hours. Yes, my grandmother is dying. She has cancer. But I promise myself once again, that I will not think of this. My breath is shaky as I breath in, slowly letting another row of tears escape from my eyes.

The grass under my back itches as my shirt pulls up a little, so I sit up slowly, oh so slowly, afraid that if I move to quickly, the entire place would disappear in a puff of smoke, and the good feelings along with them.

The silent tears leak out more heavily as I feel the wind blowing through my hair. It lifts it from my neck, and I bite my lip as it makes the wetness on my face a little dryer. Somehow, I felt like that was God, wiping my tears away, and telling me that everything is okay.

But of course, this can't stop the hurt that's welling up inside me. But it does help.. a little. Nothing noticeable however.

It's a long while before I hear someone coming towards me, but I prefer not to look. I just sit there, with my arms curled around my knees, and stare out the trees.

The new visitor does not speak, but he does however, take shelter in the grass next to me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see that he is my neighbor, James. He is clothes are the same as always; holey jeans and a checkered button up shirt, opened, it's sides blowing in the wind, to reveal the white T-shirt underneath. He is fifteen years old old, while I am only fourteen. He sits with his legs crossed, just like me, and looks the way I'm looking, out towards the mighty trees.

After a moment, I hear James stir. I only turn my head away from the peaceful trees to enough to see him reach over, and touch my arm. I know what he wants, even though he still doesn't speak. Wordlessly, I unlock my hands, and rest one of them on the grass beside me, palm up. His warm hand slides into mine, and again, we wait in comfortable silence.

We both sit there for a long time, while the color slowly drains from the sky. The pink and purple turn brighter than ever, before they finally fade into black. A while later, the stars spread, like a thousand shattered pieces of glass arranged carefully against black silk.

Only when we hear our fathers calling for us, do we finally rise from the crushed grass. James turns to me in the darkness, and I feel him wrap his arm around my shoulders. I'm shaking in grief, but it would be much worse had he not been there.

Still silently, we walk back to our houses. But my heart and soul will still remain among the tall grass and wild flowers. And I will always remember those few moments I sat with my friend under the settings sun. Where, without even speaking, we both seemed to take comfort in each others presence.


So, basically I wrote this to tell people that no matter how bad the circumstances, your friends and Got will always be there for you. :D