Yoshi's Tears

Author's Note: This is my very first story, and I hope you all enjoy it!

One day, on an ancient island called Japan, on the top of Mount Fuji, the goddess Izanami gave birth to a beautiful girl named Yoshi. She had lovely bright green eyes, rosy cheeks and hair blacker and shinier than a raven's feathers. She grew up to be the goddess of the land and crops. Under her rule, the crops were never in need of water.

When Yoshi became old enough to marry, her parents allowed her to choose whoever she wanted. She searched all of Japan, looking for a man who would love her not just for her beauty , but for but for who she was as a person. She searched everywhere, from the powerful gods to even the lowly peasants, but found no one.

Then one day, she came to Jade Village, a small town at the base of Mount Fuji. She found no one in the village suitable for a husband, but when she went to the outskirts of the town, where the farmland was, she noticed a handsome young farmer. He had brown eyes, a large smile, and his hair was in a small black ponytail. Curious, Yoshi walked up to him, introduced herself, and asked questions to find out more about him. She found out that his name was Yasuo. He was smitten by her beauty, but also honored to met the goddess who helps him make his living of growing crops. After they spoke for awhile, Yoshi left for home.

Everyday Yoshi came down from her home on the mountain to talk with Yasuo. Everyday they fell in love more. After three weeks, Yasuo proposed to Yoshi, and of course she agreed.

When Yoshi brought Yasuo to her parents, her mother Izanami, was spontaneously happy to meet him. However, Yoshi's father Izanagi, was furious. He had expected her to marry a god or emperor, but he wouldn't allow his daughter to marry a peasant farmer!

That night, after Yasuo was safely escorted home, Izanagi and Yoshi had a tremendous fight. They were both very angry afterwards, but Izanagi was far more irate than Yoshi. Late that night, Izanagi created a dragon out of rocks from the mountain. The angry god transferred his fury into the dragon, and gave it one special task: to kill Yasuo.

When Yoshi went to visit Yasuo the next day, she found that his home was destroyed and his farmland was ruined. She ran to the splintered house and tore through the wood. She found Yasuo dead.

Her cries were heard all through Japan. Her eyes flashed wildly as the earthquakes she caused split Japan into several smaller islands. Volcanoes erupted and, in her fury, she cursed all crops to be unable to live without fresh water.

She was able to cause much destruction until she felt something lift her off the ground. Yoshi looked up and saw Yasuo carrying her up to the sky. He made a small cloud and placed her on it. Her tears of sorrow for her lost love soaked into the cloud and fell onto the land. The cloud absorbed her sadness and fury and became dark, big, and angry. Yoshi's cries cut through the sky, and her eyes still flashed with anger, and after ten full days, she calmed down and the sun finally came out.

Yoshi never forgave her father. The storms she had caused destroyed the Stone Dragon, but to this day, Yoshi still mourns for her beloved Yasuo. There are also times where she's so angry that her eyes flash, and she shouts to the heavens, but she now helps all plants receive the water they need, because that is why Yasuo put her on the cloud. Because of that being his final wish, Yoshi never leaves.