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This is a little piece about nostalgia and childhood. I'm sure at one point we all liked to imagine that those moving lights on our cieling are actually from fairies.

Impressions from Childhood

Beautiful fairies that dance on the wall

Waltzing and tossing their starlight around

Squirming and turning like Rose petals fall


When I was young I would sit on the ground

Shining and bright, and my eyes brimmed with hope

The clinking of crystals would make such a sound

The sights and the sounds, oh, you just could not mope

While beautiful fairies would dance all around


The hoping has fled and the dancing has ceased

The starlight is cold and the clinking is dull

And fairies are only the stuff of my dream

And now I'm just trapped in this cold adult lull


This warm nostalgia I have every day

My childhood memories I try to portray

I cannot confess I remember it all

But sometimes I'd lay and a car-light would pass

And beautiful fairies would dance on the wall