I'm one of those people who will cry at a TV programme or film and can't stop crying. I'm one of those people who thinks' they are going to cry at a TV programme, but ends up thinking about stuff which is going on in their lives, and can't stop thinking about it. What sort of person are you? Right at this moment, I have just finished watching the Torchwood – Children of Earth Day 4 on BBC I-player. This episode speaks so much. Never forget me, I never could. In a thousand years you'll have forgotten me, no I won't. That means a hell of a lot to me. Never forget the people you love, even when times are tough. Never forget your friends, even when they end up breaking away. Never forget the people who bought you up, even if you don't get on with them. Never forget the people who helped you when you are down, and you're living your life in the sky. Never forget anyone who has helped, encourage or talked to you, don't forget them because you think you don't need them anymore. If you think this you are stupid. Everyone needs their friends and family, the people they may have only met once, but everyone means a lot to us in one way or another.