(A/N this is just a note for the ages of the characters in this story: )

Aimy Ford: 15 years 1 month and 26 days

Rachel Stirling: 16 years 7 months and 15 days

Kellie Adams: 15 years 4 months and 18 days

Gabrielle Hampton: 16 years 8 months and 7 days

Daphne James: 15 years 3 months and 19 days

Was it just me or is it that everything was silent and there, in the middle of the corridor, stood five boys?! We all did what we, as spies, thought to mind. Gabrielle and Kellie rushed to them and threw straight punches at them I could see the orange streaks of Gabrielle's black wavy hair fly, Kellie lifted her left leg and tried to kick them in the *cough cough*. Her Hazel eyes widened. This wasn't expected, none of this was expected! Unfortunately I couldn't see anything, but as soon as I took another blink, Kellie was on the floor with her hands on her back. Um... That did not just happen! Kellie was the best fighter in here! And there she was on the floor with her hands behind her back! A steam of anger rushed through my body and I was about to run up to them and give them bruises like shit. But no, I couldn't do any of that because just 2 seconds after Rachel and Daphne appeared right before my eyes. The snuck a sleeper hold onto 2 of the guys but there were.. 1,2,3,4 left standing.

Wait… 4?

I thought there was…

I saw a figure standing at the back of this entire racquet, he wasn't moving, unaware of his surroundings, he just… he just stood there, his blonde hair covered his facial expression.. I snapped. Aimy! This isn't the time to be worried about how many fucking boys are in the room. I looked back. Kellie was on her feet, 2 of the boys were unconscious and Gabrielle, Daphne and Rachel were practically beating them up bad. Really bad, well… let's just say… They were getting thrashed. Rachel flung her auburn-colored hair and looked straight into my aqua eyes. That was a sign.

My brunette hair flowed and my side fringe roughed up as I ran towards a guy with glasses and gave him a face punch and he fell down on the floor. He wasn't unconscious, well not yet. I was about to step on the innocent face he has created but that was when I got knocked out. And before I knew it, I was out.

I tried to blink, I couldn't.

I tried to speak, I couldn't

I tried to feel any part of my body, I couldn't

All I could do was hear, the noises crowed around me, I tried to sit up, but pain shot through me the instance I tried to move.

"I know your good, but you didn't have to take out my friend!" I heard a voice exclaimed.

"Exactly! And what makes you think that, though you and your petty friends are guest, what makes you think that we'll not do anything that consists of breaking your jaw off." Another voice came in. I knew that voice.

"Chillax man….she's gonna be fine. It's not my fault she's so wimpy." Okay…. This was a voice i didn't know. And unfortunately I can tell the difference between a girl's voice and a guy's. This one was definitely a guy's.

I tired to blink, but this time is was easier and as I got a visual of my surroundings I suddenly remembered what had happened.

"She's awake!" I heard a voice whisper, I opened my eyes again and there before me stood Rachel, Gabrielle, Kellie and Daphne. I tore my sight away from them and there stood 6 guys. "Man… this is so messed up" I whispered to myself.

"Miss Ford, I see that your now awake, would you kindly allow me to take some tests and then all of you…" Eyeing every single person in this room, "… will go back to your dormitories" It was school Nurse, Mrs. Knot. With those last sentences I left the room with a thousand questions running through my head.

2 hours later

It was nearly midnight and we all wanted to hit the sheets. But that wasn't until I heard everything that happened from them. Rachel, Gabrielle, Kellie, Daphne and I strolled back silently all cursing ourselves though I don't know why they would because I was the one that was beaten! As we slid our doors open we trudged inside and waited. Daphne was the first one to speak, she tossed her straight black, layered hair and looked at me with worry in her grey-blue eyes, "Are you okay Aimy? You know you got injured pretty badly."

"I'm fine" I replied in an orderly tone.

Gabrielle cut in. Her front fringe dropped in the front of her eyes.

"What the fuck are you saying Aimy! You are not fucking fine! Look at that humongous bruise you got on your fucking forehead! Fuck this! Im going to fucking beat the hell out of them that's until they fucking beg me for forgiveness I'll them to buy me a fucking guiche bag and a fucking MAC makeup and converse fucking shoes and …" she trailed off. Gabrielle: the only words that describe her are pretty, outgoing and well, a fun-loving dangerous person.

"Sorry Aims…" she whispered.

"It's okay… but you sure cheered me up Gabbe." I said.

Her face lit, but I still had a question I wanted to ask.

"What happened?" I questioned everyone in the room.

"Well…" Kellie started to mumble, her multicolored streaks brightened up her black wavy hair.

Rachel interrupted. "There appears to have been… um... A change at St Azures." She sounded unsure.

"A Boys school is coming to St Azures and there staying in the guest room, and apparently at the party we all thought they were mysterious strangers so we started attacking them like lunatics and then you got knocked out and well, you know the rest..." She blurted out the dropped her gaze down so her fairly tanned skin was no where to be seen.

"Wow..." I managed to stumble across.

Everyone's face turned to mine watching my expression change in a millisecond.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" my reaction couldn't be any different.

They all jumped back.

"Wow Aimy…" Daphne, her messy hair reached her back as she exclaimed.

Apparently they all thought I would be all calm and all but no. This is a situation I cannot handle, boys… boys staying at St Azures. This is crisis and above all they're staying! They're staying! Boys are staying at St Azure's academy! Well I wouldn't mind if that was across the whole school since our academy is roughly 2km by 4km. But no, they had to stay in the guest room which means it's right next to our dorms. Perfect, just perfect.

Then I relised something I should've known ages ago.

"Hey Gabrielle… where are your glasses?" I slurred finally relised she looked well… different.

"Pfft... Mrs. Knot said I didn't need them anymore, Thank god! They were getting fucking annoying." She cried.

Kellie cut in.

"Apparently I hacked into our school network and they had this planned since last year."

We all stared at her dumbfounded.

" Well, they guys names are called Trey a.k.a the normal dude, Josh a.k.a quiet guy, Billy a.k.a athlete, Anderson a.k.a the Joker, Easy (Yes, that's a name) um… how should I say this… well… his gay. I mean literally gay. And last but not least is Zach but I couldn't find anything on him."

"So you're saying we have random guys staying at St Azure's girl academy?" I asked Kellie.

But everyone shook their heads.

"Nave boy's academy, a elite boarding school for juniors and seniors." Kellie said like she was reciting a book.

"That sounds a lot like a spy school to me..." Daphne mumbled.

That was it, I was going to burst! I got beaten by a Boys spy school student. Great. My life likes me a lot.

"STOP STOP STOP!!!" a sudden voice leaped out of nowhere. It was Rachel Stirling's sound.

"First is first, who cares if we have boys in out school the real problem is that me have Feminine etiquette classes tomorrow! Man… I heard were going on an excursion, so lets brighten the fuck up and head to bed." She literally shouted.

We all turned to her.

"Oh and for your birthday Aimy, im getting you a stuffed ninja toy…" Rachel's voice turned into a whisper.

But before she could finish of her sentence I was already in the bathroom facing the toilet seat.

The next day.

Classes were as normal, rooms were as normal, in fact the only reason that today was the most unordinary day of my life is because we had 6 boys scattered around a classroom and one of them was sitting right beside me in my very own classroom. Dammit.

"Hey, im Zach." He whispered.

"Hey." I grumbled, making sure he got that hint of anger in my tone. I could see his sea green eyes wandering.

"So, how is your bruise Aimy Ford? Sorry if I hit you to hard, I didn't think you'll be that wimpy." He shot at me. I felt a sword go through me then. I stood up, prepared to throw a blow to his face when I sweet voice came crawling into the room. Mrs. Morgan. Our feminine etiquette teacher.

"Today, ladies," she began with her high pitched voice

"… and gentleman" she added swiftly.

"We will be learning the art of enjoyment." Practically singing the lyrics, though I have to admit, I don't mind her singing.

"Pack your bags everyone! We're going to the Carnival!" she burst out. Her short black hair shook and her emerald eyes darted across the room.

"Well hurry up then" she said

She didn't have to say it twice. The whole class left the class screaming rushing to their rooms and I could see girls pulling out makeup sets, hair dyes, and sets of clothing flying through the air.

As I stepped inside my room I swore I saw Gabrielle pull out all famous brand stuff from her suitcase and Rachel was running around in circles trying to figure out what to wear! Kellie and Daphne were standing with me staring at our room in amazement. This literally looked like a mini DFO. This is going to be one heck of an excursion. Yep… I wonder if the boys are going to be there. Wait I did not just think that!

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