A/N: Hey… this is my first fic so don't blame me if you don't like it. The names in this one-shot are not original, Taylor Hathaway: swish/vampire academy James Hampton: swish. R&R

The day I found a four-leaved clover

(Taylor's Pov)

There was one day that I found a four-leaved clover. That was the day that changed my life. I never thought of having this kind of problem because it didn't occur to me that I needed to think about this problem. It happened one fateful day, just one of the many days that I packed my bag, had breakfast and took my daily walk to school.

25th of June 2006 (Normal Pov)

Taylor Hathaway stood at the front door. The newly polished pair of shoes lay there lifelessly as she took a grip on them. One by one she placed them where they should be. Looking in a rear-view mirror, she thought she looked rather nerdy for a person who hates studying. Tie in position, skirt 2cm above the knee, polo shirt nicely worn (untucked) and her brunette hair tied in a high pony-tail letting her side fringe drop in front of her eyes. First day of a new term was always the worst. "Bye mum", Taylor mumbled as she clambered down a few steps, leading her to the front yard. Breathing a slight amount of fresh air, she helped herself to her turquoise bike, and mounted of into the distant street.

School was as she remembered. Grey, towering buildings, girls and boys chatting like they haven't seen each other in a million years and the teachers with their hunch backs, signaling that they have obviously stressed themselves marking half-yearly's. Taylor locked her bike on one of the many bike racks in the front the school then started taking steps until she reached the gymnasium for the opening assembly. Before taking her last few strides, Taylor stopped abruptly to pick up a plant. More precisely, it was a four leaved clover. "That was lucky" Taylor whispered under her breath like it was nothing fascinating. The day passed on and Taylor wasn't at all interested anything to do with school. As she unlocked the chain on her bike she grabbed something from her pocket, the four-leaved clover. Taylor never believed in magic or miracles, and without a second thought she dropped it onto the ground and left it, without thinking of what the future holds for her on that fateful day.

The girl on the turquoise bike mounted off and strode up a hill which led to her house. Sirens were heard. Police cars and ambulances rushed onto her street but amongst all this, the sound that lured her to run was a scream, from the voice of her mother. Taylor ran like she never ran before, her feet were dragging her up the hill until she reached her final destination. "No..." she mumbled. This can't be happening! Taylor thought. "No!" she cried and with that her voice was drowned by a million other objects surrounding her. Taylor's visuals were clear and she saw her mother on the ground, blood gushing out of her. Not far from her, laid her dad and sister, no moving, not even twitching. Taylor threw her bag on the street and stumbled to them. Putting a hand on her mother's chest, She relised she was not breathing. Taylor's tears kept on rushing through her face. She then dropped by her father and sister, doing the same thing that she did with her mother, she placed her hands on their chest. They weren't breathing either. All Taylor was surrounded by was 3 dead family members and a sea of blood. She kneeled down; tears were all over her, life just wasn't at peace. Time had stopped when that scene happened all there was to 12 yr old Taylor Hathaway is that the fact she just lost 3 family members.

25th of June 2007 (1 year after the accident.)

"Ah jeez!" Taylor cried as she launched herself onto her bike. "I just hate the start of school! That's when jerks become jerks, nerds become nerds and it's also when the most boring assembly is being placed!" she said. "Are you even listening to me James?!" she mumbled. "James Hampton!" Taylor said once again. But this time, a figure turned around and smiled. "Of course T! Im listening to every word you say!" and with that James turned around and yelled "Catch me if you can T!" Taylor smiled and rode of once again to her school.

Life was getting better for Taylor, a new home, new people and a whole new life. She has been living with another family the past year. They took her in their care and with that they practically became family. James Hampton was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hampton. Taylor might seem like a good friend that has been living with them however to Taylor they were her family. But a part of Taylor's heart was still black. The incident that happened on this very day a year ago, Taylor couldn't forget that dreadful scene. Once again, Taylor locked her bike onto the schools bike racks. The scene was still in her head. Even though Talyor tried to forget about it, it remained their and wouldn't go away. Before she knew it, Taylor burst into tears. Gripping onto her backpack she laid on the grass sobbing, her eyes were becoming watery. It was happening. This wasn't the only time it had happened to Taylor. She has had breakdowns for the past year and hasn't told anyone about it. I have to forget about it! Forget it and move on! Taylor thought. "Just don't think about it..." Taylor whispered beneath her breath. She was still sobbing, nothing could stop her. Before she knew it, she was trapped in someone's arms. "It's Okay Tay… Forget it… Forget that painful memory of yours." The voice mumbled whilst still grabbing her. Taylor could never forget that voice. It was like a 6th instinct; she could hear that voice a million miles away and still recognize it. "Thank you James." Taylor mumbled and with that the wind took control and drifted that memory away from Taylor leaving her in the warm arms of someone that cares for her.

Taylor left the grassy area with James and they headed to the gymnasium once again. "Is everything okay T? Are you alright?" a voice sprung from the behind. "Yea… Let's go." Before taking her last few strides, Taylor stopped abruptly to pick up a plant. More precisely, it was a four leaved clover.