"Take my hand," I uttered lowly
While you reached with yours, hesitating slowly
"Just trust me! I'll take you to this place
C'mon!! If you want, we'll race ;D"
Her hand was close to mine, so I reached
And grabbed her hand, to take her to this place I've preached
It was the perfect scenery, just for her and me...
I wanted her to know, and I've always wanted her to see

She stayed silent that night, while I babbled
About tonight being perfect, and that she'll be dazzled
I know she's skeptical, I've let her down before...
But... this is different, I know deep down to the core.

"This place is beautiful! But I don't want to spoil
The surprise in store, so I'm hiding it like those brownies in tin foil
Remember? The one's you made just for that occasion
Wrapped in the sliver of silver, and the red ribbon you tied
I still remember them being good, the sweet sensation
Especially cos you made them just for the guy next to your side,"

We ran across the town, zooming through the streets
While avoiding tripping on anything that'll hit our feets xDD (lol grammar)
It was getting late, just the perfect time, so we could see
The perfect scenery, hidden through forest trees
We were already out of the light lit streets
And almost to the place for her special treat.

I shoved off the bushes, and the greens on the way
While I led the way, to the spot I promised
I blind folded her eyes, while I setup a spot we could lay
So I led her the way to the spot so she won't miss
The beautiful array of natures work

I slowly took off the velvet from her eyes
Then she opened them, and stared first at the skies
It was a cloudless night, I knew she loved the stars
Better than the reflection from all the lights from the city cars
They shone bright, and moon was at its peak
Comprised with her joy, imagination, and meek,
Was this scenery...

Then she looked around her, and couldn't believe
That nature could have ever had such a great achieve
The fields were full of the long, cotton white arrays
The ones I've been watching to grow, till the perfect days
The dandelions on the green grass beds
While the field was lined with those roses, red
The fireflies were dancing, acting like stars up high
They were as beautiful, as they moved and try
Just then, I knew today was the perfect moment
The last planned thing I had, was the coming component...
The wind blew strong, just enough
To blow those dandelions, but not too rough
To make the cotton fly in the air~
Making the moon and stares glare
With the light of the scenery to just have a pale flare

You just stared and smiled, while I laughed with a grin
At your adorable reaction, while you lowered your chin
The wind was singing your favorite song
A Beautiful Name, by Alice Nine, so we danced along (Woo~~)
I held your hand, and we danced so slow
While we held each other close, during the afterglow
I wanted to make the scenery last forever
But the wind died out, pretty late, wishing it was never
So we took a last glimpse of this beautiful land
And walked back home close together, while we held hands...