Smoky Abyss, Icy Plains

Your sitting at the bar
And I gaze into your eyes
Hell greets me
But I always thrived on a bit of trouble

And you stare back
You see the ice within my eyes
I'll let you know
It runs in my veins too

Two people who just dont care
Except maybe for each other
Well what's there to do
But find out

You walk over to me
And the heat rises
Oh damn, here I go
Falling into the smoky abyss

And you stop midwalk
Dead center of the floor
It never occured to you
I could freeze you like that

Didn't your mother ever tell you
Fire is stronger than ice?
Good thing she didn't
Cause she would be wrong

You spoke little when you made it over
You weren't as languish as I was
The words didn't pour out of your mouth
But I could feel the heat

And the passion when our lips drew close
Intertwined with one another
Somehow my coldness failed
To put out the fire

No longer did the icy plains exist
Nor the smoky abyss
Only a middleground
And we call this earth

So you tell me dear
What do you think
Play with fire and get burned?
Or would you like to be frozen...

I'll choose for you.