I am a Trainwreck
Chapter One: The Wrong Side of the Bed
08052009 - 1101P

AN: I knoooow a new story. I fail. I'm really trying not to abandon TRACKS or GX:Annaleise, but I need something to jog my inspiration. Bear with me. I will be back to those other stories.


9:43 AM. Things that have already gone wrong today: My alarm did not go off, and I woke up at 7:00, a half hour late, as a result. Because I woke up late, I did not have time to shave or iron my shirt for work. As I was running out the door, pulling my belt through its loops as I went, the phone rang. Since I was in a hurry I didn't check the caller ID, and a credit collector managed to get me on the phone for the first time in a year. Once I finally wrangled my way off of the phone, I was running out the door and tripped over my lazy-ass dog, Anna. Brilliant hunter, but not a lot for her to do in the city, so she sleeps a lot. I fell on the dirty kitchen floor and didn't have time to change my shirt, and now had kitchen-floor grime smeared across the front. I arrived at the metro station just in time to see my train pull away from the platform. Since I live at the end of the line, I then had to wait a half hour for the next one to roll through.

Once I got off the train, I stopped by the friendly neighbourhood Starbucks. I usually arrive around 7:30, before the worst of the rush, but now, at 8:30, it was a full swell. I waited another half hour for my venti creme-based caramel frappacino. Then I got laughed at by a little kid for ordering a "gay" drink. This led to me slapping the kid over the back of the head when his parents weren't looking and then creeping out of the cafe in the insuing ruckas when the kid started to scream.

I finally got to the office at 10:00, a full hour late. I gave my boss the one-finger salute when he turned his back after threatening to do a write-up. I turned to go to my cubicle and spotted Seth from Accounting across the office. I blushed because of course he looked so clean-pressed and together, and I looked like shit and he was looking right at me and then...

Good thing that happened today: Seth smiled at me.

Maybe the rest of the day wouldn't be so bad.


AN: I know it's short, but well, most of you should know by now that my first chapters usually are. The next one will be longer, when I get Seth and Nathaniel to actually you know, interract. XD

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