The world is silent as a grave
The clock ticks closer to the time
Pencils are laid on the desks
The gunmen wait to start the crime

The bell rings loudly as students start
To file into the dim-lit halls
The gunmen wait inside a room
The System is about to fall

The school is herded off to lunch
Where they await their unknown fate
The gunmen leave to start the crime
Filled with anger, rage and hate

Children unpack brown-bagged lunches
And chatter, carefree, to their friends
The gunmen linger by the doors
This is where innocence ends

They rigged the doors with homemade bombs
And made sure none could get away
Gunmen open wide the lunchroom doors
And fire madly; it's Judgment Day

The children scream and try to run
But gunmen see and shoot them dead
One is shot straight through the gut
Another shot right in the head

Alarm bells sound as children cry
The bodies keep on piling
Blood is raining from thin air
The gunmen keep on smiling

It's Hell on Earth, the kids will pay
For what they did to these poor boys
They shunned the gunmen, made their life Hell
Now they lay like discarded toys

Eyes stare open, never close
As blood pours out of countless wounds
The children are in the mercy of
The very gunmen they marooned

Sirens roar from far outside
The police have now arrived
The gunmen kill a few more kids
The children's hopes are now revived

The SWAT team shoots and breaks the windows
Shattered glass rain to the floor
The gunmen brought down one by one
Their reign of terror is no more

The wounded removed, the dead kids too
And living ones unharmed
Are brought outside to screaming parents
And young ones quite alarmed

The alarms turned off, the bodies removed
The people gather in the nave
To mourn the young and loved ones lost
The world is silent as a grave.