Drink To Him

Raise your glass

To the one who does it best

Drink to the one

Who does it with class

The one with the perfect kiss

The perfect words

The perfect touch

The thing of every girls dream and wish

Drink to the one

Who thinks he knows the game

Who plays it the best

And puts the play in the players name

He has all the right moves

The right style

He has that special light in his eyes

To go with that killer smile

Raise your glass to him

And drink with a smile

Letting him think he won

Just for a little while

Watch as he works his game

Playing those moves

Saying those lines

With a charm that put's all the others to shame

Raise your glass

And drink to him

Toasting his style and class

Thanking his ego that let's enjoy your win

Blinding him to whats obvious to see

With his full of his self atttitude

His ego that's lets him believe

That he'll always win

Drink a toast to yourself

The player who knows her game

That plays it off

The ones who are to blame