Some readers may find the following information too disturbing, if you are of inappropriate age, weak physical or mental condition, please refrain from reading. That mean You.

Final Entry

No further information had ever been found regarding the woman who had kept the mysterious log. Several attempts by the editors to find and contact the institution she had been transferred to after the hospital had been unsuccessful.

Had she survived her ordeal? Or did she perish after falling into a severely disturbed state? What had caused her to behave the way she did?

Did she simply imagine everything that had happened to her?

Did it happen at all?

Who was she? And why did these thing happen to her?

From all that the editors were able to find, the woman-- whose name had not been mentioned for a reason-- had been an ordinary person.

Perhaps she was only in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Or perhaps it was the workings of her own mind. (Note that the editors had not been able to find any history of mental disorders in her family.)

Or maybe, just maybe, it was something supernatural.

There were no volunteers to go and live in the house in which the events recorded here took place. Nor would the police have allowed such an experiment. The house now sits abandoned, crumbling from the passage of time, the effects of nature, and abuse from the local children.

During Halloween the house is the popular spot for those sent on a dare. Those with good senses never reach the porch, those who reach the door find themselves having nightmares for days afterward.

Otherwise, nothing and no one inhibits the house and even the animals avoid it.

We will never know what really happened there-- or maybe, it's best that we don't.

End Log.