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Rating: M

Categories: General/Romance/Friends

Warnings: Bad Language and Graphic Mentions of and Act of Sexual situations, sort-of Twincest, but not really. No sexual touching occurs.

Summary: Slash. Bryan taunts his twin brother about the love he can never have. "I see the way you look at him…the same way he looks at me…" He laughed, cruelly. "It kills you, doesn't it, Beau?"

"Looking back, I have this regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so." - David Grayson

Bryan was, considering, quite calm.

Because Beau had just drawn him away from a steamy session of sex, with the gorgeous Andrean, tugging him out between the boy's delicious, slender thighs with an irritating ring of his even more irritating cell phone. After he'd gotten off the phone and out of range of the boy, he'd smashed it against the sidewalk. But yes, Bryan was calm, even if he was stomping down the hallway to Beau's room, thudding his feet so loudly that he could hear the people in the rooms below shouting. He walked into the room, slamming the door shut behind him (still, calmly) and brought himself over to Beau, who was eating cake. It was their birthday, wasn't it?

He growled slightly, snatching the half eaten cake before him away and plopping down into the seat next to him. Beau deserved to have his cake stolen anyway, interrupting his own birthday present with whatever it was that he wanted him to hear. And if Beau had ever been inside Andrean (or, for that matter, anyone –although that was just a guess) he might know just how annoying being ripped away from it was.

Through a mouth full of cake, he hissed, "What do you want?"

Beau stared after the cake and weighed the pros and cons of taking it back. He had the strawberry that had come on top, after all, and that was the real prize, but no matter how important his indifferent facade was, it was still annoying when Brian managed to find something that genuinely irritated him. Still, sucking decisively on his fruit, he shoved away his protests and turned back to the computer screen. "You said you wished to work the science project with me, yet you have been spending less and less time doing your part. Does it bore you? I could do it on my own.."

There, let the threat of a subtle grounding do the work for him. It was due in a week, and if Beau cast him aside now, it would be virtually impossible for Bryan to finish it on his own in time. Bryan was still accomplishing his work, somehow, but it lacked his usual passion. Beau insisted they go over everything in detail, because what seemed obvious to them was often lost on others. Damn, he rather had been enjoying that cake. Bryan's eyes narrowed at Beau, the fork in his hand switching slightly at the subtle threat.

Oh no. No, no, no. He wouldn't be thrown aside –not now. This was an important project -his grade depended on it, really. He wouldn't be dropped, obviously, because Beau needed his help on the rest of it and…it was just a threat. But still annoying.

Bryan was in the passenger seat, but the driver had the strangest little quirk of doing whatever he said…He shook his head, licking at his fork, "My work? Really now, Beau, there's no reason for me to be home all the time. I'm doing the same amount of work as before, as you know. With this project, there isn't much to be done at the moment…" he shrugged, smirking, "I've been spending lots of time with Andrean, as you know…why, Beau, did you miss me?"

It was actually quite delightful, to be manipulating Beau behind the scenes and Andrean…under the covers. Bryan hated his brother, older by a mere two minutes and some-odd seconds, and when he found out that Beau was in love with his best friend…

Well. It had only been natural for Bryan to steal Andrean right from under his brother's nose. Now…now Andrean had given himself to Bryan, not to Beau, and that…that killed Beau and he knew it.

Fuck, he loved it.

"Did I miss you? No." Beau drawled quietly, opening a file and reviewing the profile pictures within. It took all of his self-control to not allow his smug satisfaction work its way into his expression, and instead, he chose to nibble his fingernails while he delivered the blow. "However, you missed the email that I sent to you an hour ago. It contained my list of things that still need to be done on the project." Beau picked his tea up and reached for the sugar, cutting his dark eyes in Bryan's direction. "I'm not sure where you were, but it's likely still sitting unopened in your inbox. You're behind."

Bryan twitched in annoyance as Beau hit him with the email, his eyes narrowing, plucking the fork from his mouth and shrugging, "Ah, well, my apologies." He knew that the other man knew that he didn't mean a word, "I'll get to that then, but really…what a reason to pull me away from a date."He put the cake down and stood up, turning the chair around to look Beau in the face, "And we both know you know where I was, Beau, lets not play coy. You knew where I was and it's pretty easy to tell what I was doing…" He chuckled, "What, Beau, are you jealous then, that Andrean spends so much more time with me than he does with you, now?"

In a word, yes, Beau was.

The man that he'd almost obsessively wanted for the last two years of college was spending more time with an arrogant bastard like Bryan than...well, an arrogant bastard like himself.

Regardless of how he chose to look at the situation, he could sum it up to Bryan's audacity and his own reluctance to act. Had he been inspired enough, he might have gone out first to claim Andrean, but he'd been content with merely looking.

...And even if Bryan was only using the boy, he was still doing more than Beau himself the end, Beau merely wrinkled his nose and pulled back from the man hovering over his chair. "I only wish you would shower before returning."

Bryan smirked, shaking his head and leaning in closer still. Even if Beau claimed he stunk, his whole purpose in life was to make Beau uncomfortable, at the very least. "Ah…an evasion. How quaint."

He paused to let his eyes simmer into Beau's identical ones, "Is it true, then? Do you want Andrean all to yourself?" He leaned in even more, "Do you wish you were the one fucking him Beau? I bet you do, I bet you wish it was you who had to shower before returning to work, covered in the scent of sweat and semen…"

He chuckled, being as lewd as possible. Beau ignored the thrill the words sent through him, or tried to at least. He'd denied that fantasy even unto himself, refusing to admit that he'd woken on occasion with something more urgent than the assignment he was working to occupy himself with. The boy's face flashed in his memory, but his self control was not so weak as that. He locked his expression into a blank line and put a foot in the center of Bryan's chest, pushing him away slowly.

"You seem to be operating under the misconception that your love life matters to me...so let me clarify. I do not care. The project is suffering because of your...appetites, so I suggest you realign your priorities. Professor Briggs won't wait, and nor shall I."

Bryan stumbled backwards and chuckled at Beau's reaction, "Of course, of course…I promise I'll be a good boy from now on." He approached Beau once more, spinning the chair back around and ducking over the back near Beau's ear, "You don't care about my love life, no…only wish that the partner in mine was yours…don't you? I see the way you look at him."

He paused to lick his lips. "The way you look at him…the way he looks at me…"

His voice lowered, deepening to something husky and rough, allowing his voice to nearly stroke Beau's ears, "You wouldn't believe the pretty faces he makes…or how deliciously loud he is…"

Had Beau been so obvious in his stare? He frowned slightly at the thought, but summed it up to Bryan knowing him better than most in his attempt to assimila-

Dear God.

A shiver of heat wound it's way through his chest at the thought. That was a notion, certainly, because he could see a quiet, refined person like Andrean being-No. No, he wouldn't sink so low. Beau turned his head, determined to ignore the taunts that were shoving needles into his mental walls. "Bryan, that's enough."

Bryan chuckled darkly at the protest, not moving an inch. "He says that too, sometimes, when he says he's not in the mood. I start kissing him, trailing my lips down his neck and as he starts to get hard he says 'that's enough, Bryan'. He gets terribly embarrassed, you see, you wouldn't know since he never shows it in public, but he's got the prettiest little blush…"He just had to break that resistance a bit, just worm his way into Beau's mind. He was almost there, he could almost hear the shield breaking, and couldn't wait to hear it shatter, "But back to his being loud…He's incredibly sensitive…just a few brushing of my fingers across his nipples and he practically panting for it…"

"You want to hear those small, desperate noises that he makes when he's being teased, watch him writhe under you with need."

Beau closed his eyes and exhaled very carefully, hoping it came across as an exasperated sigh, and not the desperate bid for control that it was. Yes, he could see how a bit of faint color in Andrean's lips would bring out his eyes, could imagine them parted, or perhaps being bitten while Beau subjected him to the heat of his mouth. Tension crept into his shoulders first, betraying him just as surely as his tightening fists. A trickle of honeyed warmth moved down his spine, a pleasant hum starting his blood. Bryan was taking this too far.

The plaintive voice in the back of his mind shoved back, and he opened his eyes again to look for something, anything to distract himself with. He felt the tightening in his lower stomach, knew what it heralded, and would die before he allowed this to happen. Still, nothing presented itself to aide him, and the heat slowly turned to an ache, centered sharply between his legs. He licked his lips and willed it away, but like Bryan, his libido seemed to delight in his …oh this was just too precious. The tightening of his shoulders, the curling of the fingers. Bryan reveled in the control he was exerting over the powerful man, and continued on without hesitation.

"Yes, and he does love every single touch, Beau, you really should see him, it's such a sight. His body flushes with pleasure when I touch him, I take him into my mouth and he cries out with it –it's almost ridiculous how much he reacts. He looks positively wild, you know, gasping for breath, squirming and arching –I've got to hold his hips down you know –he claws at the sheets and tries to stop his shouts but it doesn't work, and if it does…I make sure it doesn't. You'd love those noises as much as I do, he completely looses himself, Beau, it's an amazing thing..."Bryan's voice dropped to a purr, "And I haven't even started on what it's like to be inside of him…"

Oh God, his stomach gave a convulsive twitch at the thought, the ache growing so sharp it was painful, and he shifted in his chair, torn simultaneously to lean into the damp heat at his ear and run tearing away in the opposite direction. Tendrils of pure electricity clouded his thoughts, parted his lips as he strung himself along, every beat of his heart echoing quietly in in ears at the mental image of him, spread across the bed, losing his control...He tried again, just so he could attempt to reconcile himself later.


The protest was pathetic at best, he breathy thing, soft and almost choked…no. No, Bryan wouldn't stop, not when this was so very close to being completely in his enthrall. He smirked darkly at the thought; he had the man hypnotized, now all he had to do was get him to prick his finger on the spindle…

"Yes, he says that as well –not seriously, mind. It's just, he tends to get overwhelmed, especially when I use my mouth and finger him at the same time. He's got the most perceptive prostate, you see," He informed Beau darkly, "So when he's close to coming, he'll say something like 'Oh god, stop, I'm going to -!'" He almost chuckled at the thought. "Never gets through that whole sentence though, really, Beau. You know what I mean? It's sort of cute, how he tries to warn me, almost as though he's asking permission…"

He himself closed his eyes briefly at the memories, "And then…God, Beau, when you slide into him. Imagine it, Beau, his face contorting into something between agony and ecstasy, his hot, tight walls clamping around every inch of you…"

A low rumble, or the beginnings of one at least, slid from Beau's throat with the damning reality that he was already falling apart. His toes dug into the chair, tense, pushing against the fabric until a foot slipped completely and fell to the floor. The fabric of his jeans shifted with the motion, putting the barest pressure across his cock, and it sent shockwaves through his frame that had him was furious, beyond furious with the dark voice at his ear, the manipulative bastard playing on his tensions. His hand strayed briefly from its iron grasp on the chair arm toward the dark hair in his peripheral vision, but whether to pull Bryan away or closer he didn't know. Even as the thought crossed his mind, he allowed the new images in and sacrificed that much more of his control.

"Mm…are you imagining it, Beau?" Bryan asked softly, eyes on Bryan's hand as he allowed it to inch closer, merely smirking wider at the gasp, "Are you seeing his perfect little face, his eyes clenched shut as his body swallows you whole? And God, Beau, he's so tight, even now, it's almost suffocating…"He gave a wicked grin, "But really, it was nearly mind-numbing when he was a virgin…He really just is the most beautiful thing. When I plow into his prostate he shouts and yelps, the most delectable little sounds you can imagine, Beau, I swear…..could you see him, fingernails clawing down your back, his face swept with a sinful red, legs spread wide just for you, allowing you in him repeatedly, no— practically begging for it, almost screaming at –Every. Single. Thrust."

Beau's back arched slowly, straining because fuck yes he could see it, that lithe form working beneath him, desperate, he could hear him, feeling his own lips twitch to form the boys name, and he didn't know what he was doing, but felt as though he approached some impossible peak. His hand seemed to reconcile itself with just finding a better purchase, and he reached over head to tangle it thickly in Bryan's hair vindictively. His air came raggedly if it came at all, eyes straight ahead, unfocused as he drove himself into this fantasy, riding his own tension where nothing else was offered.

Bryan let his eyes flutter shut as he felt the hand in his hair, leaning closer to Beau to press his lips just below his ear, going on in a husky tone, "Yes, that's right too, he grips my hair too, sometimes as he pulls me into a distressed kiss. I love kissing him, he tastes divine, but not so much while I'm fucking him…just to hear his sweet little noises, you know."

His lips brushed along the small dip below his ear, almost whispering, "The friction inside him is unmatchable, I loose myself in it sometimes, I must admit. Because the way his heated little ass constricts around me as I hit that spot in him, combined with him writhing in abandon…it can get to be too much, Beau, I'm sure you can imagine…"

"And I can't even begin to describe to you how he looks when he comes," He took a moment to breath out hotly against the older man's skin. His voice rumbled deeply in his throat, "But I will do my best."

Beau's head tilted away, exposing his throat, and it was foolish, he knew, and damn him if he cared when that hot mouth was moving so sweetly against his skin and talking of kisses. He could imagine crushing his lips against the boy's, trapping those sounds between them because sharing them would be unfair. His eyes, so far gone that he'd long lost sight of whatever he was staring at, drifted shut as his head tilted back, each word laden with fire, each touch a stroke of genius to wanton beast within his chest. He held himself stiffly, his fist flexing in the dark hair to drag his nails against the scalp, coaxing in silence, because he knew that speaking now would be dangerous, and he didn't trust his own 's lips trailed down the exposed throat slowly, and then back up, taunting Beau with his silence, and then went back up to the ear, reveling in the way the nails scraped against his head to egg him on.

"His eyes roll –if they're not clenched tightly enough to rip through themselves, his hands clenching on whatever's in their hold. Sometimes it's the sheets, and other times they dig into my skin in the most erotic way, crazed with pleasure. That could be your skin, Beau…" he purred softly, "His body nearly convulses with the intensity of his orgasm, his entire opening spasming and convulsing around you, clamping down hard on every inch of your flesh, as he arches so deeply that his back nearly snaps…"

Bryan took a long breath, relishing the memories of exactly what he was describing, "Oh, Beau, and the scream –you've never hear a more enchanting thing. It's a piercing keen, a shriek of ecstasy and you can tell he's feeling like he's in heaven because you almost want to believe it. And that noise echoes through your ears like the sweetest of music, silky and feral, with an almost helpless tone to it, like he's going insane with the weight of it. And he's clinging to you so tightly that you feel as though he's screaming just for you…"

The tension in his stomach tightened, pulled him so far within himself that he wasn't sure anything existed but that crystalline torture, that terrifying precipice within himself rushing away into the free fall. With a thick sound, deep in his chest, he curled inward, an ecstatic burst of pleasure rushing in on the tail of the energy and shoving his mind into a white-hot void. His fist white-knuckled in Bryan's hair, he was for an instant so sensitive that he felt the moan vibrate beneath the younger detective's lips. He drew a breath and the world slowly came back into focus, every nerve humming , and that was enough. So perfect, fuck, Bryan was suddenly so proud of himself, because he'd done this to Beau. He'd made Beau loose control without barely touching him, coaxing him to such a peak with his words alone, and it was –So. Very. to mention…hilarious.

The lowly younger brother, defiled the great Beau in such a way, made him yearn for something, someone so much that he'd been entranced by the mere idea. He felt a chortle fall from his lips and onto the slightly slicked skin of Beau's neck, and then he stood up, allowing the hand in his hair to fall away, laughing again, louder and harder, and then bursting with chuckles loudly, doubling over with sharp, mocking cackles, because God it had been almost easy!He didn't need to speak, his laughter was enough, and he peered at Beau, still ducked over and curled in on himself.

Beau wasn't so hard to beat after all. And he had his pretty little weakness in the palm of his hand.

"You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back." -Barbara DeAngelis

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