all i want to do is forget about you,

you don't even talk to me hardly,

but everytime i see you,

i fall back,


i let go,

then fall back,

i can't decide what i want to say,

i hate you,


but i love you,

you're not even around to catch me,

why am i even wasting my thoughts on you?

my efforts are stupid,


you can't even see me,

you don't even look at me,

but everytime you want to come around,

i'm back into your arms,


i'm just about to give up,

give up,

but something's telling me that i should hold on,

to you,


why does everything have to be complicated with you?

it's just a matter of,

i wanna be with you,

i just wanna be with you,


i don't even have the heart to tell you it's been faltering,

so i just pretend everything's normal,

and you can't even tell the difference,

should i even be with you?


i'm sick of all these games,

up and down,

just make up your mind,

or make mine up for me,


kiss me like you mean it,

but i know you'll regret it,

you want nothing to do with me,

but that makes me want you even more,


i hate 'hard to get',

but it's only you i want,

i try to think of all the bad things,

but i remember the opposite,


i try to let go,

i try to let go,

but i always fall back.