Drawing the towel closer around his waist he wandered to the dresser and gathered a new set of clothing. Gerard nearly dropped the towel and began dressing when he remembered her there, asleep or not, he could be a gentleman. Ignoring the quick pulse of blood through his body he sauntered back into the steamy room and dressed again, trying to focus on the long line of buttons on his black suede shirt. Satisfied with his appearance he peeked around the corner. She was still asleep, he noticed, and still beautiful; Frail, pitiful and dirty, and so completely human. Grumbling to himself, Gerard grabbed a washcloth and moistened it in the sink.

He walked silently to the bedside, almost tiptoeing and laughing to himself. Immortal he may be, but here he was, tiptoeing around an unconscious human woman. "Unbelievable." He said, almost a curse. The sheets barely rustled as he sat beside her, fist clenched tight on the moist cloth. Slowly he ran it along her forehead, cleaning the remnants of dirt and blood splatter from her face. The gypsy woman did not stir, and gradually Gerard grew more comfortable with her presence, unconscious though she was.

Gathering his effects, Gerard closed the door on the softly sleeping woman and made his way back down to the bar. The bottom of the stairs creaked, announcing his descent but nobody took notice. The two patrons left were steeped deep in an alcoholic haze and would soon need to make their way to bed. The sunrise was not far off.

"Kip?" Gerard called across the near empty tavern. "Kip I require some assistance!" Gerard leaned against the counter, trying to see into the office where Kip was counting out tips. He gave Gerard a wave and continued counting his petty change. Irritated, he clacked his fingertips across the wooden surface. Eternity was not enough time to get things done. It never was. "Damnit Kip! You know what time it is!" Gerard snarled after waiting another five minutes. Kip nodded, and kept to his business, nearly finished.

A loud clatter overhead had the men glancing upwards towards the ceiling. "Damn riffraff, can't keep quiet! People are trying to sleep goddamnit." Irritable, Kip strolled out of the office, stretching his bulky arms and cracking his spine. "What seems to be the issue?" He leaned across from his old friend and yawned. "Seems to me that a man of your stature could handle just about anything life throws his way. Or un-life, I suppose." Kip grinned to himself. "Do you owe someone money? You know I don't give out loans." Gerard's eyes knit together in sheer frustration. "That's not it at all, and why would I come to a human for money? The very notion is absurd. He banged his fist onto the counter, leaving a small indent. "Listen Kip I need you to-"Gerard's comment was cut short as he sensed the new presence in the room.

Kip's expression was bemused as he watched the woman descend the steps slowly. "It's no use trying to be quiet little lady, those stairs are old." The woman gave a hint of a smile to the bartender as she came to the bottom and spotted Gerard. He turned and took in her form, watching the way she moved, and tensed. He could smell her from across the room. He felt dizzy when their eyes met and he watched her pupils dilate in fear. He knew the instant before it happened and called out to her, "I won't hurt you!" But the young woman had made a mad dash for the exit, and left Kip and Gerard standing by the counter both shocked and amused and utterly irritated. "This is the thanks I get for saving her life?" Gerard snarled. "Well, never mind about that favor Kip. I'm going to bed." He heaved himself off the counter and walked past the window while the sun broke over the horizon. "Goodness," Sighed Kip, "that was interesting."

Reaching the edge of his bed, Gerard collapsed into the familiar sheets and the welcomed refuge. He'd have to find an extra special gift for Kip this time. It wasn't often you let a human take care of your wellbeing. Burying his face in the pillows Gerard drifted off to sleep, with the gypsy woman's scent rioting in his nose.