George opened the door to the apartment he shared with his lover and let out a sigh of relief. He was so happy to be home and away from those needy lunatics down at the office. He couldn't believe so many people could lack the slightest clue as to how to do anything and it had been all he could do to rein in his normally hard to rouse temper.

He was shaken from his thoughts by the sound of bare feet slapping across the wood floor in quick tempo. He looked down the hallway just in time to see a body flying through the air toward him. The impact of the other's body sent him back a step so he was leaning against the door with his smaller lover pressing kisses all over his face and neck, murmuring things he couldn't understand.

"David, what an exuberant welcome I am subjected to every day after work." A small smile accompanied this statement as he gazed into the blue eyes momentarily distracted from their quest to taste every inch of his face.

"Welcome home, George," was the high energy reply. The smaller male moved back to his previous task, but focused on George's lips. Teasing little nips and licks were bestowed upon his mouth. By the time he reacted to one, David had already moved on to the next.

A little fed up with the game David was playing, the more patient of the two finally had enough. He reached out and firmly grabbed the other's slight chin between his large fingers, pulling those succulent, plump lips toward his own waiting ones. George made sure his lover knew who was in charge every moment of that kiss.

Kissing David was like waking your body up after it fell asleep, tingles spread from his lips to his fingers, his toes, and, most especially, his groin. After those sensations faded, a new awareness swept through his body and he just wanted to keep plundering that mouth until he finally got enough of those delicious lips and clever tongue.

Even though David deferred to George in the bedroom, he never gave up without a fight. He let his tongue slip out to trace the seam of the smaller man's lips, which opened to let the slippery muscle in. They tangled tongues and breathed each other's air until a sharp nip made George withdraw his tongue back into his own mouth.

While he wondered the reason for the bite to his tongue, David managed to slip out of his arms and walk backwards toward their shared bedroom, beckoning with his hand to the larger male. George's brown eyes caught the subtle sway of his lover's hips and followed the other mindlessly.

As he turned the corner to the room, he stopped as he caught sight of numerous candles lining their dressers and all other available surfaces. He was stunned. David had remembered that George had always preferred candle light to fluorescent lighting and set up this for them.

He didn't move as he allowed the other to undress him, running his hands over sculpted muscles in his arms, chest, and stomach. Touching his broad shoulders and narrow waist, his strong thighs and even his large feet, David always carefully neglected to handle the one area already throbbing and hard with need.

Once he was naked, his clothes scattered all over the floor, he let himself be pushed onto their large bed, back against the headboard. George heard a click and found his hand had been immobilized by a set of handcuffs. He turned his head to find that another pair had just been set into place on his other arm. He struggled against the metal handcuffs holding him in place, but soon settled when futility set in and his wrists ached.

He looked up to see a smug smirk on David's face, probably because one of his plans had finally been realized. George was now at the other's mercy. He wasn't sure if it was possible that he would survive this intact.

At first, the other just stood there with one hand on his hip and the other twirling a strand of his platinum blond hair. Then, he slowly got into action, pushing both hands through his hair messing it up, making it look like he had just gotten out of bed after a particularly good roll between the sheets. All the way, those blue eyes stayed locked on George's own brown ones, sharing the intensity of his desire with that look. He groaned as David's tongue snuck out of its home and leisurely wet his lips, all the while still staring at him from beneath his eyelashes.

George found his eyes drawn to the path of David's hands, trailing down from his downy hair to his neck, gently touching his chest, shaping his form beneath his shirt. His hands made it to the hem of the offending garment and George's breath caught in his throat as it was lifted just the tiniest bit so he could see a glimpse of creamy skin beneath.

David's teasing appendages froze, the shirt barely revealing anything, but showing too much for George to be completely comfortable. His erection was getting painful and he didn't know how much of this slow torture he could stand. "Tease," he ground out past the desire choking him.

A low laugh greeted his accusation and he was both relieved and further pained when those thin hands continued their path up that lithe torso dragging the shirt with them. As soon as the shirt was off, it was flung across the room heedless of where it landed. That beautifully bronzed body with the barely defined muscles had been revealed to him, but he wasn't sure if it was an improvement over the clothed body.

The caramel colored nipples already stood erect and straining for touch. David dragged his hands down over his naked abdomen and groaned as he passed over the buds on his chest. He got to the waistband of his pants only to return his hands back up his chest. He grabbed a nipple and rolled it in between his fingers. His face was a picture of pleasure and George groaned as he watched his lover pleasure himself while he was restrained and couldn't make a move.

It seemed an eternity before David left his chest to trail over his stomach to the button on his jeans. Instead of unsnapping the imprisoning item, he crawled from his position at the foot of the bed up to George's current restriction. Moving between his legs, he placed his lips on George's and George immediately tried to take over the kiss, but David danced backward before he could really do anything. A half broken moan of, "David," sounded through the room and brought a sly grin to the smaller man's face.

He had been thoroughly tricked and now he was paying the price by having to watch his lover and not being able to touch. He gave the cuffs another tug to see if they were any looser, but no such luck.

He looked at David again to find him standing, gazing at him expectantly, hands hovering over his zipper. He found his tongue darting out to wet his dry lips and his cock hardening to a painful point. The hands carefully slid down the jeans once they were unfastened, moving slower than George thought he could take before going completely insane.

He had followed the progress of the pants to the floor and found as he returned to his target that there were no more clothes to separate that fantastic body from his gaze. Too bad that was all he was allowed to do at the moment cause his mind was working overtime and it was just making him more desperate.

He saw David fondle himself, hand sliding down his shaft and the other cupping his balls. George found himself jealous of the other's ease with which he was bringing about his own release and making him a wreck with a massive hard on. The hand on David's cock started pumping up and down and George was eagerly as his beloved gave him a show that he would die for, which was still a possibility.

Just as George saw David's jaw flex and his hands tighten, he shouted, "Stop." The blond was so startled that he stopped and brought his head so he could gaze levelly at the bound man. The menacing grin he received from the momentarily deterred man didn't ease George at all.

The smaller male remained silent, which unusual in and of itself, and walked to his nightstand, pulling out a tube of lubricant. He silently padded over and sat on the end of the bed scooting so his legs overlapped George's and he could see David's puckered entrance. David prostrated himself on the bed so that George could no longer see his face, only his ass.

He saw the lube get opened and spread on long, elegant fingers. Those fingers reached down, down until they came to the hole. They slowly circled the outside and he heard tiny gasps come from David as he began to prepare himself.

Cautiously, a finger was pushed into the hole and he heard a small groan from the other side of the bed. He always considered the sounds David made during sex to be an incredible turn on and now was no exception, even as aroused as he already was. Once the finger was in up to the second knuckle it was pulled out and pushed back in several times in succession, loosening the stiff muscles.

This time when David pulled his finger out a second finger joined the first inside of his ass. "George," was groaned out and George bit back his own moan in response to his name. He saw David doing the things he would normally do, prepare him, give him pleasure and he couldn't entirely silence himself. He was sweating with the need to be there running his hands all over the blond, with the need to be inside of him, the need to give what he could to his lover.

David gave a long moan and George knew he was prodding his sweet spot, giving himself the highest degree of pleasure. As the third finger slipped in, he was amazed that David could still play this game so late in their love making; he was normally the impatient one always pushing for more while George prolonged the experience. Here he was teasing the solid George into an impassioned frenzy on purpose.

The three fingers up his boyfriend's hole were doing their job and preparing him for something larger to enter him. He groaned at the heady visuals he was receiving from his spot and he knew that the other wouldn't be able to last much longer without his cock inside of him.

As he realized the end was near, David got up from his prone position at the end of the bed and crawled over to him. Eyes locked, desire crackling, and sweat trickling down their bodies, they came together in a desperate kiss. Tongues licking and teeth nipping everywhere they could reach, they shared their longing and need with the other.

George was a very patient man under normal circumstances, but he felt that if he was engulfed in David's body in the next few seconds he would explode and leave the other quite unfulfilled. He tried to portray that with his lips since David wasn't letting go even for a breath. The blond got the message and moved so his legs overlapped George's and their erections were touching, straddling the larger man.

So close to what he so frantically needed, George strained against his bindings once more and found no give. David got onto his knees still straddling George's legs and pushed his body flush to the muscles tense in their bid for release.

He felt a hand grab his cock and David began to lower himself onto his hard length. George groaned as the tip of him was engulfed into a hot, tight sheath, gently squeezing him ever closer toward completion. Once he was in to the hilt of the blond's entrance, he felt David raise himself and again lower his body onto George's cock.

Up and down for countless thrusts, they moved together attempting to fling each other over the edge to total ecstasy. Both were breathing hard and sweating profusely, but despite the exhaustion coming over their limbs they refused to surrender until they were satisfied.

George grunted as he felt the muscles surrounding his length suddenly contract and wetness on his stomach. He knew that David had climaxed and allowed himself to follow his lover into that blissful state post orgasm. He felt the other collapse against his chest and he let his head rest on top of the blond one resting on his shoulder.

He heard both of them gradually getting control of their breathing and felt the aftershocks of intense pleasure fade away. The small body pressed against him moved toward the nightstand on the side of the bed and opened a drawer. He pulled something out and moved toward his wrist unblocking one then another of the handcuffs.

George pulled his wrists in toward his body, rubbing each where they had been rubbed raw from his pulling on them. When David approached him again, he pulled the smaller body into the shelter of his own larger form. The blond was totally engulfed by his broad shoulders and heavy muscles and complacent to be in that position.

The one time David stopped talking was after having sex as George had come to find and he was quick to exploit such a characteristic. He laid down with David still in his arms, so they were side by side and he felt the other's breath even out and his eyelids slip shut. He pressed a kiss to his forehead and settled himself to go to sleep. The last thing he did was whisper, "Love you, David," before falling asleep. With his eyes closed, he missed the smile that appeared on David's face at the sentiment.