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I have a few special talents. One, I can calm Joslyn down in about ten seconds while changing Henry's diaper. Two, I can plan the next day of tutoring for Janie Collins while fixing a bottle of milk for Henry.

Joslyn is my overly-stressed nineteen year old sister. She got pregnant at her senior prom, and she's been tense and literally mental ever since. I don't really understand why she's complaining. It feels like I'm Henry's mother. While Joslyn is out partying her butt off, I'm stuck at home changing countless diapers and going through dozens of puke-stained t-shirts. I can't remember my last girl's night with my best friend Luna.

"Haley, I'm going nuts," Joslyn announced, making a show of stomping into my room and plopping onto my bed, burying her face into my pillow.

I bit my lip and closed the book I was reading. "And I'm late for school," I replied, lifting myself off my desk chair.

Joslyn snapped her head up. "Please watch Henry when you get home. I need a day for myself," she begged, sitting up.

"Joss, I've watched Henry every day after school for the past two weeks," I groaned. "You always do this! You start something, and then after a week you just give it up. And I'm always the one that has to finish it. Are you going to make me raise your son?"

Joslyn let out an exasperated sigh. "It's Friday. This is the last time I'm going to ask you, at least until I really need a break. TJ wants to take me out to a club tonight, and it's gonna be huge. It's the grand opening of The Spot."

I rolled my eyes. I knew how much she loved TJ, even if he was a huge jerk. "Be safe," I reminded her sarcastically, and she jumped in the air eagerly, clapping her hands together.

"Yay! You're the best, Haley!"

Joslyn hugged me, and then skipped out the door. I heard Henry's wailing from the nursery.

"Haley?" Joslyn's voice called out.

"Yeah, I got him," I assured her. The only reason that I put up with Joslyn's slacking on being a mother, was because I loved Henry with all my heart. He was a perfect little baby, perfect dark hair like his mother and little wrinkly hands. I never get tired of his toothless grin. I followed the sound of his sobs, and opened the door to the nursery. Light blue covered the walls, and Henry's little figure kicked and wiggled in the crib. I moved towards him, and when he saw me he stopped crying immediately, moving his hand back and forth as if he was waving. I smiled. "Hi there, little Henry. Do you have a stinky diaper?"

I picked him up and took him over to the changing table.

"Let's fix that, baby. Auntie Haley will fix your diapee!" It was a habit, talking to Henry as if he could understand every word I was saying. I've actually sat with Henry for hours on end, telling him about how my mother was going to kill me when she found out about the B+ I got on an algebra test. I went on and on about how she was going to punish me, and then I heard his soft snores.

I changed Henry's diaper, and then glanced at my watch. Right on time, I heard a honk coming from outside.

"Night, Henry! Auntie Haley loves you!"

I grabbed my book bag then left the house, sliding into Luna Grove's Mercedes.

"Hey, Luna," I said, taking time to glance at her outfit. She tended to wear things that most other people wouldn't dream of wearing, but today she just looked comfortable in her baggy black sweatpants and emerald green polo. I loved how Luna didn't care what other people thought. Today she wanted to wear sweatpants, so she did.

Luna grinned as a hello. "There's a super hot new guy that you missed while you were sick," my friend told me. I raised my eyebrows as if I was interested, but I wasn't. "I didn't get super close with him, but I've heard stories. He lives in a foster home, with four other kids. He's the oldest. Isn't that crazy? I would be in hell. And, he's a total badass. Like, steal cars and break into museum bad. His name even sounds bad, you know?"

I squinted, and thought for a while then finally responded. "I wasn't aware that there were certain names that sound...bad."

"Oh, totally. Like your name, Haley, is totally an angel name. Besides Hayley Williams from that band Paramore? I love her. She's so wild and crazy. Like, her hair totally screams bad and unique. In a good way. Then there's names like...Shelby or Merrick. It's like, 'Whoa, don't wanna piss them off!' I wish I had a badass name. Instead I was named after a mental chick from Harry Potter. Well, technically she was named after me since she wasn't even created yet...ooh! Is that a new top?" Luna asked out of nowhere. It wasn't. It was a hand-me-down from Joslyn.

"No, it's Joslyn's," I said, wondering if it ever made her sad that I wasn't as chatty as her. "Anyway, what's his name?"

"Mason Thompson," Luna said dreamily. "Isn't that cool? I took the liberty of comparing your schedule with his. You have Bio and Phy Ed with him. Enjoy seeing him in the school uniform! Woo!" Luna cheered, and then we pulled into the school parking lot.

Luna and I went our seperate ways at first period, and when I got to my first period Bio, I expected to see a new face. Meaning, Mason Thompson. I didn't.

"Hmm...Mason's second day and he skips already," Mr. Swanson muttered as he scribbled something onto his clipboard.

I thought maybe Mason would show up at lunch, after third period. I went through Spanish and Trig thinking about what he may look like, where he'd been when I was in Bio...ah. Lunch came, and Mason was either a no-show, or I wasn't looking hard enough.

"Looking for Mason?" Luna asked, shoving a spoonful of salad into her mouth.

"No...I mean, yes. He wasn't in Bio. I'm just curious. Most guys don't craze you this much," I told her, and she rolled her eyes. "Where do you think he is?"

Luna huffed. "I told you, he's a badass. He could be doing anything in the book. Just skipping possibly, which is totally unlikely. He could be doing drugs, he could be plotting a muder...who knows? All I know is that he is smokin'!"

My stomach churned. Murder? Suddenly I was a lot more interested than I should be. Why did I suddenly want to approach this guy screaming, "Drugs are bad!"?

The rest of the day passed, and my last period Phy Ed began. I changed quickly in the locker room, ignoring the girls like Whitney Pierce who had to do their makeup perfectly before running. I don't know about you, but to me, Phy Ed equals sweat. What kind of girl really needs to apply makeup before...sweating?

I pushed the door to the gym open, and started my warm-ups. I jogged around the full gym a couple times, then stretched out my legs. While seated in a straddle position, I saw him. The only person on Earth who could possibly take my breath away. So far. His dark brown hair was groomed and looked as silky smooth as I could imagine it felt. He was tan, and his long arms revealed huge biceps, and he could probably lift three times my weight. Even from this distance, I could see his crystal blue eyes...staring back at me.

I had no choice but to explain myself, so I stood up, pulling my hair into a ponytail. I kept my eyes on him as I crossed the gym. When I got to him, I kinda...froze up. You don't see this kind of beauty everyday, and I really felt the need to appreciate it.

"Hi?" He stated in a question with his charming, sexy, and slightly raspy voice.

"You're Mason, right?" I asked him, blinking hysterically.

"Uhm...no," he replied, raising his eyebrows.

"Oh..." I said. Wow, Haley. Way to go, that was super cool.

"I'm joking," he said with a chuckle. "Yes, I'm Mason and clearly you've heard shit about me, shit that's probably a fucking lie." Yes, I thought, smiling a bit. It was a lie? Great! So he wasn't a murderer! Imagine me doing a happy dance.

"Right. My friend, Luna, is totally obsessed with gossip and she kind of told me that you're a bit of a bad boy. That's good that it's not true though. But she also said good things, like how you handle being in a foster home with four younger kids and stuff, and now I kinda sound..." Like Luna? Like a stalker?

Mason's face had gone completely blank. "Alright. Well, are you going to tell me your name?"

"Um. No?"

"Really. That's too bad..." Mason started, and I interrupted him.

"I will tell you my name when you tell me where you were this whole day," I told him, gulping. God, now I'm even more of a stalker, and he knows that I've been looking for him! I think I need to take a class. Talking To Boys 101. The teacher? Joslyn Parkes.

Mason laughed. "Yeah, right."

He turned and walked away.

What was so bad about what he did this whole day?