Suicide Driver

Andi climbed into her 09 Honda, Stratotanker, crying. Miho had done it again. The Russian woman caught her girlfriend cheating on her again. This was the second time too. The first one was an online relationship. Andi went to pieces over Mihos infidelity. The Japanese girl repented once Andi managed to calm down again and broke up with the online girlfriend. Miho vowed that she would stay fateful and try harder. Things seemed good for a few weeks. But then, Miho fell back into her old tricks again.

This time, the affair was with a real-life girl from Kyoto. They met with Miho was on a teaching workshop in Okinawa. She and this girl had been paired up for a project together. To make a long story short, they hit it off pretty well together. Maybe, a little bit too well. Inch by inch of the day, the girls got closer and closer together. Pretty soon one day, the other girl invited Miho back to her hotel room to ask for some advice on how to teach her class new skills. The Japanese girl went over right away happily. Needless to say, one thing led to another and the two fell right into bed together. And it didnt stop there. Even after the teaching workshop, Miho and her secret lover kept meeting at many love hotels in Honshu. Many members of the staff suspected that Miho had been unfaithful again. But, Andi wouldnt hear it. She wanted to give her girlfriend the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, that proved to be a big mistake.

Earlier this afternoon, Andi came back from her classes early. She wanted to surprise her girlfriend for being so good lately with a sweet gesture. The Russian woman went out and bought a bouquet of freshly cut plum blossoms. Miho had always loved them as a child. She always went on and on about how beautiful they looked. So Andi thought, why not? However, the poor soul would be in for a nasty little shock. The woman came into the living room and was surprised to find two pairs of shoes at the front door. One pair clearly belonged to Miho. But, Andi had never seen the other pair before in her life. Her suspicious rose up again. Oh no! she thought in misery. Miho-chans at it again! And she told that she would stop cheating! Then, she heard strange noises coming from their bedroom. Pants and moans echoed throughout the hall. Andis heart sank even more. Her worst fears came true. She didnt even want to go and look. Against her better judgment, Andi went away. As she walked down the hall, the moans and cries grew louder and louder. The Russian woman felt her stomach turn in misery. Andi shut her eyes tightly as she opened the door. When she opened them again, the poor soul found Miho in bed with her lover. Both women looked up in shock. Mihos face went pale as a sheet.

The mess grew on from there as the other woman got dressed and hurried out of the apartment right away. Mihos words certainly didnt help her case this time. Her excuse this time? Im not the commitment time. Im trying, but I just cant help but to stray. Im sorry. I love you Andi, but this is how I am sometimes. That just made things even worse. Andi couldnt hold it back any more. She broke down into tears and raced right out of the apartment. Miho looked at her in worry.

Andi, wait!!! she yelled out. The woman wouldnt hear her. Andi just kept on running until she came to her car and got in. She began to drive aimlessly around the city. The tears wouldnt stop at all. The Russian woman slowly began to drive a little bit faster. How could she?!? she thought over and over in her head. She said that she wouldnt do that anymore! How could she?!? How could she?!? Suddenly, her cell phone rang. Andi answered right away.

What?!? she screamed out loud.

Baby! Miho pleaded on the other line. I can explain!!!

Go away!!! Andi cried. I dont want to hear it!!!

But baby, Im sorry! her girlfriend cried.

LIAR!!! Andi cried out louder. IM SICK OF ALL OF YOUR LIES!!! She began to drive a little more faster.

But baby, I mean it this time! Miho tried to reason with her. This is my last time with cheating. I promise I will stop! I mean it this time! Just come home! That reliable tricked failed her miserably this time. Andi cried even more.

JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND GO AWAY!!! she cried out. Andi hung up the phone hard. Thats when real sorrow took over her mind. The Russian woman couldnt think clearly anymore. Her world had been crushed into two this time. She began to drive even faster and faster. Her tears, pain, and sorrow blinded her completely. Andi just kept driving and driving. It had all taken its toll on her. The lies, the cheating, the excuses, the various women and men. Andi just couldnt take it anymore. She drove all the way to the park. From there, the poor soul completely blacked out and CRASH!!! She hit a cherry tree. It was a straight on collision too. She didnt even try to hit the brakes. The Russian woman just drove straight into the tree.

The next thing she knew, Andi found herself in the back of an ambulance rushing towards the hospital. The emergency people kept asking her many questions. Andi couldnt answer them at all. Their voices seemed almost distant. She seemed too far away in her pain and misery. Oh, Miho really messed up this time! The TZA staff would not forgive her this time.

30 Minutes to Make Up My Mind