Perspective of Intolerable Doubt

Why do we survive this way?

Feeding off others, competing to reach mere clouds.

With only one deemed successful, as he looks upon invisible pride.

I do not believe I belong here.

I belong with the free era,

Where one does not need to prove worth,

where one truly lives the depth of equality.

They say we are free, prosperous, thriving;

How narrow-minded they must be,

to succumb to the world presented before them.

But I, being the key,

have unlocked their mysterious, concealed secrets,

and been appalled at what I've discovered.

Therefore, I have reason to not belong.

The others may only be the thin, beautiful veil upon the chest,

but I am the rusty, metallic portal which withstands their mask.

And although this foreign life,

may at times seem the impossible,

I have realized its inevitability,

and learned to somewhat disguise myself.

Because if I can push myself out of those intricately intertwined threads,

I am the controller of my own newly recreated universe.