The feel of a caress across a petal,

with vibrant scarlet reflecting in her eyes,

it seems she descended upon the clouds,

which held her so independently,

as they transformed into hands,

intertwined with her own.

The sun shines within two deep seas.

The echoes of laughter continue,

from those adjacent pinks,

as the face becomes visible,

in two opposite mirrors.

Not the birds of spring,

nor the blooms of morning,

seem more beauteous,

than the opposing bodies which gaze

into each others' souls.

He saw a life of loneliness and despair,

a curtain of dread and darkness,

lifted as he stood on the other side.

She viewed death, destruction, chaos.

The trees collapsing,

as the grass remained still,

crushed upon by the unity of steps,

screaming, "Left, right, left,"

hidden with bodies with the same effect

as the cause of the trees.

No more.

That apparent nightmare has vanquished.

He now had awakened,

been reborn by her face glancing at his.

They say luck favored the few who survived,

but he was saved by her alone.

Her thoughts had taken his every breath.

Her scent had made every room fragrant,

even without her presence.

While she had thoughts racing,

his smile had eased her on his absence.

His face had brought light gleaming through

the windows of distance.

Until he arrived.

The universe seemed in balance once more,

as the stars twinkled brighter.

The mooned shined more vividly.

The wall unlocked and crumpled,

as it liberated the souls until they were one.

And they opened their eyes, and had seen the other

without eyes, without bodies,

realizing their unity of hearts,

following by a sealed embrace

of concealed lips.