This one's for you, Kyle! I'll try my best to think happy things, but it's not going to work. :(

You told me to think happy things
And not depressing stuff
But you don't know how my mind works
And thinking straight is tough

I'll try to think of butterflies
And pretty painted wings
I'll paint the town red with my blood…
No, wait! Think happy things!

I'll think of pretty rainbow arcs
That leap across the sky
I won't think how my world is grey
And how I long to cry

I'll think of fluffy bunny tails
And lovely flowers, too
The petals slowly fall to earth…
No, stop! I can't be blue!

I'll look at clouds and find some shapes
A heart, a star, a tree
The clouds turn grey and start to rain
And wash away my glee

The waves are crashing on the sand
My world is crashing, too
I'm trying to think happy thoughts
But it's so hard to do!

Maybe I'd be better off
Just thinking thoughts of death
But I'll try thinking happy thoughts
Until my final breath

I'm sorry that I let you down
I just can't do this right
I'm always feeling really sad,
Depressed, and so contrite

Maybe one day this'll work
But for now I shall stay sad
And live a life alone and bleak
But, hey, is that so bad?